Is Drinking Coffee Every Day Good For Your Body?

There are several things more than just a ceremonial about coffee, and others are obligated to even drinking a small cup of joe every morning. According to a statistic where 64% of the population in a particular country drink at least one cup of coffee per day, makes them unbothered from the rumored of having risk from certain illnesses. Despite health warnings since the 90s from other physicians, doctors, and health professionals, they say coffee might be hard for your body. But most of the people remain unbothered from the warnings.

Fortunately, there are the latest studies and science who favored coffee drinkers. Many studies have been conducted that drinking coffee might have positive effects on your body after all.

Is Coffee Bad?

 For the past few years, doctors have warned people to remove coffee in their daily routine. Because as per them, it might increase your risk from getting heart diseases and stunt growth. Also, they are worried that most people would become addicted to the taste of the coffee. Moreover, since coffee has a lot of caffeine, afraid that most of the coffee drinkers might get addicted to the feeling of energizing every day. Not only that, but they also believed that people who consume more than one cup might have more cravings as they become tolerant of the caffeine resulting from drinking more than 3 cups.

Moreover, other experts also worried that drinking a coffee might have damaging effects on your stomach, which can cause illnesses such as heartburn, ulcers, etc. All of these issues were conducted from studies decades ago. It is also linked that coffee drinkers against non-drinkers have different health measures. Therefore, according to them, coffee drinkers have worsened these illnesses.

But it turns out that drinking coffee wasn’t the culprit from these illnesses. Those studies and researches don’t include other factors, such as the participant’s poor health habit. It includes smoking, poor eating habits (consuming sugar and a lot of carbs), lack of physical activities, etc. If a person who drank coffee a lot, and he or she have unhealthy habits, then more likely he/she will be prone to some illnesses.

Because of these factors, the reputation of coffee has been lifted. Recent studies have shown that if you practice proper adjustments while drinking a lot of coffee, then you don’t have the risk of getting some illnesses. Moreover, according to the latest research that there is no relevant connection between the caffeine in coffee and heart problems like irregular heartbeat, heart attack, stroke, or high cholesterol.

Is Coffee Good for Your Body?

Studies have been proven that people who drink their cup of coffee every day might lower their risk of having type 2 diabetes compared to non-drinkers. That’s because of the ingredients in coffee that affect the level of the hormones involved in the function of metabolism.

According to some heart experts, coffee drinkers who can consume two to four cups had a lower risk of stroke. Coffee can also help with your blood vessels; by making your vessels versatile and healthy. When vessels are in good shape, it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, which is the main culprit of a heart attack.

For others, to maximize the effect of the coffee, they make sure to drink only black. Meaning there’s no sugar and creamer on it. They use koffiezetapparaten to brewed coffee beans so it can have a strong and irresistible aroma.
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