Useful Tips to Choose Pearl Engagement Ring Stones

Since ages pearls have been part and parcel of jewellery adorned to enhance its wearer’s beauty. Pearls enhance the gracefulness and unique beauty of the jewelry ornaments and thus always have been most sought-after gem in the jewellery world.

This precious gemstone is symbol of purity, elegance and love. Thus, there is no doubt that many couples in love prefer the gem stone to be embedded in their engagement ring. However before choosing the ring for your beloved it will be helpful to know the right ways to buy pearl engagement rings.

Tips to buy pearl embedded rings –

·         Choose the colour of the pearl

Unlike other gem stones the cultured gem stone is available in multiple colours such as cream, white, light pink, rich colour of chocolate, silver colour, blackish shade and even in greenish colour. You need to opt for the colour suitable to your skin tone.

·         Lustre of the pearls matters a lot

The quality of pearls is mainly graded on its shine. The reflection of light from the pearl can only happen when its surface is flawless and its shape is well rounded.

·         Size of the pearls

This gem stone is available in varied sizes. Thus, you need to select in accordance to the design of the ring. If you prefer to use single pearl to customise the engagement ring, then big size pearls will be perfect, otherwise can use moderate or small size pearls.

·         Shape of the pearls

Don’t try pearls of irregular shape even if they are cheap as it won’t fit well in the valuable metal of the ring and there are chances that it might fall over time. Moreover, pearls that are not in perfect round shape don’t shine well.

·         Beware of imitation pearls

In some jewelry stores, imitation pearls are sold in place of cultured pearls. Both of them look similar however in course of time the imitation pearls lose its shining quality and even breaks. Thus, it is best to buy from acclaimed jewel shops or buy from popular online pearl maker’s website.

To know more about pearls and to buy engagement rings embedded with pearls log on to popular websites that sell pearl ornaments.

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