5 Things to Do Prior To Having Knee Replacement Surgery

There are many people who may be recommended by their medical specialist to undergo total knee replacement surgical procedure. With knee replacement surgery cost in India becoming affordable, a good number of patients are now able to avail this surgery and lead a normal life. But before going ahead with this procedure, it is necessary to know about this surgery in detail, with regards to effective pain management, improved mobility and quick recovery. Having adequate valuable information not only helps to plan the procedure better, but also to derive the best results with respect to mental preparation for undergoing the surgery.

What works really?

It is proper preparation that assures the patients with the very best outcomes. For this type of surgery, proper preparation has been stated to be the difference between spending several months in pain following corrective procedures, surgical follow-ups and recovering within days.

5 essential things to follow to derive the best results from the surgery

       Ask lots of questions: Once the surgeon is settled upon to avail the procedure, take an appointment and clarify all doubts that come in mind pertaining to the surgery. The surgeon will first review the patient’s medical condition and also evaluate his/her medical needs. There is no need to get intimidated and the doctor who is patient and cooperative with the answers can be a wonderful selection. For example, if the patient is a diabetic or smoke, then it will be necessary to know the extra precautions or steps to be taken to guarantee better outcome. Providing the doctor with past medical history will not be enough. Asking questions can help to derive better and correct answers.

       Select a good surgeon: Not all orthopaedic surgeons have been created equal. They need to have proven track record. Getting the details of the surgeon is crucial to select the best doctor who can offer affordable knee replacement surgery cost in India. Also do check out the previous performances of the surgeons and their rates.

       Tweak home to ensure surgical success: It is essential to make the home a safe place to move around after the surgery to enable quick and injury-free recovery. Following improvements in the home can really help with the recovery process:

o   Install secure handrail or safety bars in the bath or shower.
o   Create total living space in one floor as it can be real difficult to climb stairs.
o   Get stable chair having firm seat back and cushion including footstool for elevating the leg.
o   Secure stairway handrails
o   Remove loose cords and rugs.
o   Try stable chair or bench for the shower.
o   Arrange toilet seat riser having arms if there is present low toilet.

       Exercise as advised: The surgeon on evaluating the patient’s body requirements will suggest few exercises to help regain strengthen in the parts where surgery has been performed. It is necessary for the patients to comply full by performing exercises correctly and as advised on time. one such order is list of pre-surgical exercises will have to be followed regularly. Such exercises can strengthen the knee and improve flexibility. These exercises are definitely crucial and cannot be avoided or neglected as they can offer better outcomes. The surgeon based on the patient’s medical condition will recommend outpatient therapy or home health therapy on successful completion of the surgery or probably both.

       Avoid infections: Knee infection can be a dangerous issue and is likely to hamper the recovery process immensely. It is possible to avoid such infections in knee replacement. But if not avoided, then infections may cause several problems to arise and the patient is likely to experience intense pain in the region. Therefore, to avoid post-surgery related infections, it will be crucial to have an infection plan included within the pre-surgery planning. Although infections do not commonly take place after undergoing knee replacement surgery, it can become real nightmarish if it does occur. Hence, there is a genuine need to avoid it at all costs. The patient needs to ask the doctor about the system in place for ensuring knee infection does not occur after surgery.

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Therefore, getting to know about the procedure, things to know before and after the surgery, including the cost of knee replacement surgery in India can help to enjoy the procedure and enjoy better results.
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