Simple Things About MBA Everyone Should Know

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a post graduate program.  it, irrespective of the specialization, is going to provide you with theoretical, conceptual and practical training in various aspects of business such as economics, basic accounting, operations marketing, corporate finance etc. However, in case the student has a bent towards one particular area of management, a specialized MBA can be chased in that specific facet.

Once you know About mba you can choose the type of MBA program you would like to pursue keeping in mind your future goals.  You know an MBA program is mostly of two types in terms of the duration of program: Two-year Full Time Program or that of One-Year Executive Program.

MBA Two-year Full Time 

This two-year MBA is the commonest and most sought-after MBA program of most of the B-schools. While some B-schools cater a Post Graduate Diploma (PGDM) some cater a Master’s Degree (MBA). MBA is catered by colleges that are affiliated to a university. All the colleges that are not affiliated to any university cater a PGDM that is a diploma. However, it does not make any difference whether it is a diploma or an MBA degree as the recruiters go by the reputation of the B-school and the skills of the student.

Diverse programs s

B-schools do cater various specialized management programs that are domain specific and intended to gain deep knowledge about a particular stream of management. The most common specializations are like Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource, Logistics & Operations, IT.  You know Majority of the B-schools do possess a General Management program in which the first year is all about learning the basics of all the numerous streams of management. In the second year, the student does pick his specialization and the electives he wishes to take.

Can you do MBA overseas?

Yes, there are so many candidates who try to go for MBA abroad. You can enrol yourself in a good college or university to do your MBA program overseas. Indeed, you all know that a foreign MBA degree can open up a huge spectrum career opportunity. So, no doubt why so many students these days aspire to pursue an MBA abroad.   Here remember that the most basic and important requirement for pursuing an MBA abroad is a Bachelor degree from a standard university; preferably a full-time degree from a well-known institute.Similarly, another main pre-requisite of a foreign MBA is considerable work experience. 

You have to take test too!

You know a high GMAT score is surely desirable. The GMAT score get used as a predictor of your verbal and quantitative capability to manage the workload of an MBA curriculum and a pointer of the likelihood of future academic success. But, a high GMAT score alone is not at all enough to guarantee admission to a good MBA program abroad. Similarly, a normal or low GMAT score does not mean that you cannot get admitted to a top international business school.


Thus, you have to figure out your options when you plan to do MBA. Since you know good amount of knowledge about mba, you can take a decision that is good for your future.
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