The Best Places to Visit in Delhi

India is not a simple country. Apparently, those who visit them are divided into those who love them and those who truly hate this country. Everyone usually arrives at one of the major airports - Mumbai or New Delhi, the capital of India. It is at the heart of Indian democracy that the first, travelling examination of conscience takes place, the first confrontation to expect from reality.

What to See in Delhi ?

In the capital of India, most are tuk-tukas, yellow-green, noisy, small vehicles that theoretically take four people on board. In practice, they fit entire families. Next to them, millions of cars roll over the streets of the capital every day and a whole host of pedestrians. Along the streets, the genre scenes of Asian cities, full of small trade and kitchens where cheap food is prepared. It is difficult to see any monuments of the city in this constantly moving mass.

Jama Masjid Mosque

A magical place on the map of the capital of India. Mainly because of the peace. This pearl of Mughal architecture dates from the 17th century. The building wonderfully combines Muslim and Hindu architectural influences, wonderfully transferring tourists to the former reality of the new capital of India.

Humajun's Tomb

The tomb complex of the ruler of India from the Great Mughal dynasty, in which Humayun was buried, is a classic example of combining Indian and Persian art. Place inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1993, today it is one of the greatest oases for the residents of the capital and those who visit it.

Lotus Temple

Completed in 1986, the temple, which takes its name from a lotus-like shape, is the largest building in India belonging to Baha'i followers. Bahaism is a monotheistic religion founded in Persia in the nineteenth century by Bahá''ll'llah, which emphasizes the spiritual unity of all humanity. The place is available to followers of all religions Due to the natural beauty of the country you might like to visit some of the exotic honeymoon places in Canada with your partner.

Other places worth paying attention to when visiting the capital of India are  Qutub Minar , one of the tallest minarets in the world and the tower built by Muslim rulers after conquering this territory in order to commemorate their victory and introduction to these lands of Islam. The Gate of India is an interesting place dedicated to Hindus who fell during World War I. It is also worth going for a walk to Raj Ghat , the place of cremation of the father of India - Mahatma Gandhi.

Delhi is a place that is difficult to avoid coming to India. This is the second largest city after Mumbai is the main transfer point of the country, a place from which travelers set off into the depths of an amazing country to discover what is most interesting in it. One thing, only after leaving it and going to smaller, incredibly charming places, we will understand that India can really devour man. Our love for the country began only when you arrived at the Taj Mahal .

Indian Railways run most famous luxury train, Palace on Wheels which start and end their journey from Delhi.
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