GRE and its Basics

If you are someone who has heard this word for the very first time and is wondering who is the correct person to take these tests and what score is considered as the most appropriate score, how do I find about the GRE exam dates then this is exactly where you need to be. This article will tell you all about GRE and what it takes to crack one. Let us get started by discussing what actually GRE is.

Graduate Record Examination, GRE is basically administered and designed by Educational Testing Service. This test basically tests you 3 skills namely:
1.      verbal reasoning skills
3.      analytical writing skills

The duration of the test is 3 hours 45 minutes.

What is the main reason of GRE test?

In case you are someone who is looking to apply to visit US, Germany, UK, France, and some other countries for your masters or PHD programs, then it becomes almost mandatory to sit for a GRE exam. Universities of over 180 countries are now accepting the GRE scores and offering admissions based on them. It takes almost $200 to write a test. The test is conducted online and also on paper but almost all of the applicants usually prefer the computer based test.

Test Dates

The dates of the test are released by Educational Testing Services almost a year advance, just so that an individual has sufficient time to not only prepare for the test but also book it well in advance. An individual can sit for the exam for up to 5 times and that too within a time span of 12 months. One more thing that you need to care of before booing your GRE exam dates is that you could only appear once in 21 days and in case you need to reappear one must wait for a period of 21 days. 
Booking of these tests can be done on call, fax, mail, and also online.

Validity of GRE Scores

Unlike the TOEFL Score that is usually valid for a period of 2 years the GRE scores are valid for 5 years giving the applicant sufficient time.

How do you pay for it

As mentioned above test costs almost $200 to $240, which further varies from country to country where you are applying. This fee is for an international test taker and not for the one who is in US, as the cost for that is a little less than this.
The fees can be paid by almost all the major payment accepting platforms

What makes the GRE score so important

Whatever may be the score of a test taker the main objective of taking this test is that the universities can compare all the students that may have come from different backgrounds on a common scale. A GRE score generally covers all, if any shortcomings in an individual's profile such as low academic scores. And in case your academic scores and project scores are already high and you also have a great GRE score, it actually proves that your are someone who is consistent with his/her performance.
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