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Cardiologists are the experts who specialize in diagnosing as well as treating diseases or conditions of heart and blood vessels.  If you are dealing with a complex health condition like heart disease, consult the best cardiologist in India to get treated. The cardiologist checks all your symptoms along with your medical history and may recommend tests for a more definite diagnosis.

About Chest pain

Many people think that chest pain is just a sign of indigestion after consuming spicy meals, but this pain goes beyond this.  A disturbance may cause chest pain in anybody's structure in the chest and abdomen, including connective tissue, surface nerves, deep structures, and organs counting the heart, lungs, and stomach. However, there are many non-cardiac reasons also that cause chest pain like shingles, inflammation of the chest wall nerves, inflammation of the pancreas or gallbladder. 

The problematic pain situation is when chest pain occurs because of either a blockage in the artery of the heart or a problem with one of the valves of the heart. Also, high blood pressure causes chest pain and is also a matter of great concern. If a person experiences any of the above-listed causes of chest pain, then patients should see one of the Top 10 Cardiologist Doctors in India.

Understanding the nature of chest pain

The nature of chest pain when it arises because of cardiac conditions normally is slow when it arises and slow when resolved, and it lasts minutes and not seconds. Although chest pain is often associated with heart disease, many people with this health condition say that they experience discomfort that cannot be explained and identified as pain. Chest pain caused a heart attack may be similar to or different from chest pain caused by other conditions. Depending upon the cause, chest pain can vary like sharp, dull, and burning.  Understanding chest pain due to a heart attack is necessary. let us discuss more :

       Quality of the pain – Patients with heart issues experience chest discomfort instead of pain. A person describes the pain as squeezing, pressure, constriction, tightness, heartburn, fullness, strangling, burning, band type sensation, a knot in the center of the chest, or else heavy weight on chest. In a few cases, the patients could not describe the discomfort but can describe the pain.

       Location of the pain –  chest pain due to heart issues is usually felt anywhere but throughout the chest. The patient could not describe the exact location of the pain. However, Cardiac pain involves the center of the chest or upper abdomen. If the patient can point to the location of pain with a finger to one specific area, then it is unlikely that it is due to a heart-related issue.

       Radiation of pain – The chest pain, heart-related spreads to other areas too.  Areas may include the neck, teeth, throat, lower jaw, or the shoulders as well as arms. In a few cases, pain can also be felt in the wrists, fingers, or back.

       Timing of the pain –heart-related pain can come on gradually and also get worse over time. This pain lasts from two to five minutes after resting.

Treatment of chest pain

Best cardiologist in India might treat chest pain in many ways, including medication, non-invasive procedures, surgery, or other different combinations of listed methods. At first, doctors will recommend some test including

       ECG i.e. Electrocardiogram
This test will record the electrical activity of your heart through electrodes attached to your skin. ECG will show that you have had or are having a heart attack.
       Blood tests
With blood tests, doctors will know increased levels of certain proteins that are found in the heart muscles. Due to damage to heart cells, these proteins leak into the blood.
       Chest X-ray
An X-ray will help doctors to check the condition of your lungs, shape, and size of heat along with many blood vessels.
       CT Scan
CT scan will detect a blood clot in your lung, or else it will also clear up that the pain is not due to heart issues.

Based on the results of various tests like ECG and blood tests, the top 10 Cardiologist Doctors in India may be able to determine if you have a heart attack quickly. They will also let you know and will give another explanation for your symptoms.
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