Roomba e5 Vs 960- which is the most effective

The Roomba 960 robot has a 2600mAh battery while the Roomba e5 robot has a 1800mAh battery.  The runtime of the Roomba 960 is up to 75 minutes whereas the runtime of the Roomba e5 robot is up to 90 minutes.

The Roomba 960 model automatically resumes cleaning after a battery charge while the Roomba e5 robot does not have the capability to resume cleaning immediately the battery recharges.

The differences between the two robotic models are both outwardly visible and some that are not. They also differ in runtime and functionality too. The two robots navigate differently. 

The Roomba 960 robot navigates the Roomba e5 Vs 960 floor logically just like a human would; the Roomba e5 robot navigate using a pseudo-random pattern. The Roomba 960 device has a navigation camera but the Roomba e5 device does not.

The structures of the two devices differ.  The Roomba 960 robot has a slightly smaller diameter as compared to the Roomba e5 robot.  It is also lighter.

The two vacuum robots have clear similarities in operation. The Roomba 960 robot and the Roomba e5 robot are quite alike in performance and also in appearance. 

The two models will automatically recharge their batteries once they are drained. They return to the charging dock automatically. The two models are highly effective. They are manufactured with high-efficiency filters. These filters are ideal for allergen reduction.

The Roomba 960 and the Roomba e5 robot have similar brushes. Both robots are fitted with brushless rollers. These rollers are not only highly efficient but also easy to maintain. The two robots have the Wi-Fi connection capability. 

They can be controlled with the smart phone app and/or voice commands. They also have a similar way of identifying the dirtiest areas. The two models are fitted with sensors that utilize the dirt detection system to identify and handle the heavily soiled areas in a room.

An outstanding difference is in the collection bins. The Roomba e5 robot has a fairly larger collection bin.

Since the Roomba e5 robot has neither logical navigation nor recharge and resume, the e5 does not function as effectively as the 960 especially for large halls and for houses that have multiple rooms.

With respect to performance Roomba e5 Vs 960, both robots have the same level of perfection and clean a given area in about the same amount of time. They use the same controls to operate and they can even be scheduled remotely.

The two robots cost different. The Roomba e5 is cheaper than the Roomba 960. The Roomba 960’s ability to clean an entire house due to its recharge and resume abilities makes it a bit costly than the Roomba e5. It is the favorite one for a majority of users.
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