Ponton Law Firm: Importance of a Negligent Security Lawyer

Ponton Law Firm was established by James T. Ponton, and is a firm that is known for taking up cases surrounding personal injuries or any injury caused through negligence. The founder being a member of the State Bar of Georgia, Lawyers Club of Atlanta, as well as Georgia Trials Lawyers Association, the firm recognizes the urgency that is required when any case occurs from the negligence of others. Ponton Law Firm understands how the service and responsibility of lawyers completely surround the welfare of their clients.

An act becomes negligent when the owner of a particular right, that also extends towards the protection of the right of another gets hampered. For example, if a doctor who is handling a patient causes any mishap despite certain rules provided, a negligent act occurs. If there is a land owner or a business owner, and any negligent act by them causes harm to people working under them or living in any space owned by them, a negligent act is said to have occurred. Such offenses are usually not foreseeable in nature, but the very occurrence of any negligent act is criminal itself. The lawyers at Ponton Law Firm are experts at scrutinizing and understanding the criminal nature of the acts that are done, and can help you holding the property owners, or business owners or anyone else for that matter, accountable for the negligent act done by them.

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One of the simplest rules in Georgia is that if the owner knows about any foreseeable danger or criminal act that may be caused under any circumstance, they must make the people under them aware of the same. If the owner does not anticipate any criminal act or any act that may cause harm to the patron in any manner, they are not supposed to be held liable. Every court in Georgia, as well as Ponton Law Firm examines the occurrence of previous acts of negligence under the same ground and proceeds with the accountability of the owner or person under whose guard the harm has taken place.

Rules that the Court must abide by while holding a person accountable

The two rules that the court must look into are the degree of the crime and a proper examination of the location and nature of the crime that has taken place. The court also has to take into consideration the relationship of owner with the crime that occurred and whether it was foreseeable in nature.

Importance of a Negligent Security Lawyer

The lawyers at Ponton Law Firm work with professionals such as private investigators, law enforcement officers, and security experts so the compensation for our clients are maximized.

Measures like installations of hidden cameras, or implementing proper technological measures to record further occurrence of crimes are done by the lawyers at Ponton Law Firm.

Many cases by the negligent security lawyers at Ponton Law Firm are litigated without fail for the ultimate compensation for our clients. As private investigators Ponton Law firm work much more professional rather than other firm.
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