Wedding jewellery for men: Necklace is the new favourite

The necklace has become an essential part of the men's fashion and attire as well. They are either made of pearls of expensive metals like silver, gold, and platinum. For the groom, mostly the pearl necklaces are used when it comes to traditional wedding themes. Traditional themes do not include suit but sherwanis, with lengths below the knees and above the feet. They are often combined with beaded necklaces of various lengths designs and densities, according to the height of the groom and design of the dress. If you want to know more most expensive necklaces in the world you could look here.

Simple necklace with stones
A simple mens necklace may not look good. Therefore, they are often combined with coloured stones, which match the clothes and design patterns. This adds to the look of the groom and provides a royal look to the person. They are the most commonly used jewellery compared to metallic alternates as they are cheaper and readily available in different designs and colours.
Metallic necklaces:
The metallic necklaces are very costly and are used in rare cases where the marriage budget is very high. They are either prepared from the costly materials or are prepared from alloys with plating, which provides them the same looks and cuts the hefty costs. For a simpler attire like a men's suit, a simple gold chain solves the purpose. A simple chain with a special pendant with a choice of design has overtaken the simple designs. 
They may have some special meaning or incomplete designs. For example, a complete set will have the half heart on the groom's necklace and the other half on the bride's necklace, which will complete the figure when combined. Such design ideaseven in rings  have become a symbol of love and are becoming popular with time, and making it unique people are coming up with various design ideas. This has added to the tally of men's jewellery and is now becoming common among people.
Other necklace designs
There are some other designs like religious necklaces for the people who have devotional thoughts. They have pendants that are embedded with the religious figures, which is a new trend and is becoming popular as the time passes by. They have limited usage as they are costly and need time for preparations because they are often manufactured on demands. People are also demanding handcrafted items as they have more details when compared to machine processed items.
The changing trends have changed the thinking of people, as necklaces are now commonly used for grooms as well because they add extra details to the personality and dress up of the groom. Men's necklaces are now in greater demand, which has pushed the manufacturers to craft more creative items. 

Now the beaded necklaces are available in different bead designs like oval and others, which has created a bit of space for more choices in this limited men's jewellery sector.

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