A Guide for Taking a Position on the Standard Chartered Share Price with CFDs

A few years ago, there has been a 22% plunge in Shares in Standard Chartered rooted from accusations by US regulators of business dealings with Iran.Such happenstance are frivalent in the world  of CFD. But what exactly causes these and how can you as a trader profit from such situations in the market. Below is a trading guide that will help make this a possibility in your endeavor of CFD trading.


CFDs or Contracts for Difference is another way to trade compared to traditional forms of trading given that you can engage in it without you actually owning the underlying instruments. How do you trade then? You take a position on the future price movement that you have projected in the market, such as a Standard Chartered (LSE) share CFDs. Basically, CFDs in nature are an agreement between two entities to exchange the difference between the opening and closing price of a contract.

Trading Standard Chartered Shares

You can take a position on Standard Chartered's share price through your CFD trading account. It is presented as Standard Chartered (LSE) CFD within the City Index CFD trading platform. When expecting the bank’s share price to dip further, you start by going short and selling your Standard Chartered CFD. If you have projected the price to increase however, you can start going long and buy Standard Chartered CFD in the market. When you notice that your trading decisions have put you in a very lucrative situation, you are expected to gain profit depending on what you have declared as investment. However, if your projects do not go accordingly, you will take heavy losses that may even potentially exceed what you initially deposited as investment. This is where your risk management in your trading plan comes in and having this possibility in mind is very important. Thus using the necessary tools in the City Index website is a must to analyze and study how you will go about with your trades.

As much as it seems like a very complex form of trading, getting a head start with CFD is very easy and can be done simply by applying for an account. Once you have opened your mind into trading CFD, you open the possibility of taking a position on popular markets such as shares, currencies, indices and many more. 

Trading Providers

With the evolution of the markets today, most traders are discovering and reaping the benefits of derivatives, and many of them are exploring them through a competent trading platform.

They transact in excess of 1.5 million trades every month from over 50 countries and provide total access to a wide array of trading instruments such as Forex, indices, and commodities. Thanks to modern day technology, the performance of the platforms improve & evolve which enables to expand the range of different services available at your disposal. With this innovation, traders benefit from being educated with the necessary trading tools that enable the user to analyze competitive spreads and transparent pricing.

Despite CFD trading being a leveraged product That can result in great losses that may lead up to losing more than what you have invested in, with the right amount of tools, you will be able to have educated movement and projections when it comes to CFD trades

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