Buying cancer insurance is now at your door step

Critical illness - as the name suggests that any illness that needs extensive care and can be life-threatening as well. Health issues like Cancer, Stroke, Kidney failure, Heart attacks - mild or major, Paralysis, etc. Cancer is when the cells of the body grow at an uncontrollable rate. Treatment is available. However, cancer can be controlled for a while till it relapses again in the body. For this reason, cancer insurance Singapore is designed for cancer patients to protect their health costs.

This form of insurance is covered under the main plan i.e. critical insurance plan. Cancer is not only stressful to the patient. It also creates lots of tension among the family members too, and most of the time it makes a big hole in the pocket. For this reason, it is best to get the patient cancer insurance Singapore. This insurance comes with amazing features.  They are -

1.      36 critical illnesses are covered.

2.      Lump sum amount is paid.

3.      Early-stage cancer cover is available and not just at the later stages.

4.      The policyholder can opt for multi claim policy.

In Singapore, cancer insurance can either be bought as a standalone policy or can be combined with the other policies as a rider. The best part is that it can be bought at any stage when it is diagnosed. It includes regular visits to the doctor, treatment - chemotherapy, hospitalization, medical bills, etc.

The payout of this policy is absolutely tax-free. Also, when you sign up for this policy then you can decide the term or time period with the amount to be covered as the sum assured. However, the costs of the plan differ from a person to person. The more the age and seriousness of the illness, the more will be the cost.

The steps to procure cancer insurance in Singapore requires a few steps -

1.      Use a life insurance calculator to calculate the premiums from the desired sum insured. This is available online too.

2.      Look for the riders that can be added to the policy. Additional benefits save you from financial loss by paying high medical bills.

3.      Once the policy is decided with the benefits then one can fill in the necessary personal details.

4.      Include your lifestyle and medical habits.

5.      A medical examination report is needed which is the latest one to be submitted along with other medical documents to get approval.

The rate of cancer cases has gone up significantly over the years. It is worse than any pandemic. Every day thousands of patients die of cancer. It is now found in those patients without any prior family history. It is now critical to sign up for cancer insurance to protect yourself. Sign up today only. Dont wait.

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