How to improve your car for less

The very first thing which strikes your mind about what helps your car performance wise is weight reduction. If less force acts on the engine, less weight acts on the suspension then you have less inertia to deal with. There are a lot of ways to enhance the overall horsepower. And if you want to know the most effective ones, then take a look.

If you want to enhance handling, then get a coilover kit. It is cheap and brings great good. Here are some of the don’ts for you:

·         Do not cut springs as it is dangerous and harms handling potential.

·         Do not strip out essential safety items. If you spend a lot of time on road, then keep the air bag.

·         Do not purchase a short ram intake.

·         Do not purchase a cold air intake, if your car is electronically fuel injected.

·         Do not buy a supercharger kit. The prospective damage from failed equipment outweighs their gains.

·         Do not purchase electric supercharger. They don’t work at all and often evacuate the engine of air by blocking the intake tube.

·         Do not purchase gravity cast wheels.   

Here is a list of some dos for you to enhance the performance of your car:

·         Get prospective top quality coil overs or adjustable inserts lowering springs. They enhance your handling but lower the ride quality, so make sure you make the right decision.

·         Boost your oil pan to avoid starvation of oil at top lateral.

·         Purchase top-notch parts from reputed dealers.

·         Get a cold-air intake on turbocharged engines. It helps you in getting a better boost.

·         Get pressure cast wheels. Remember the lighter they are, the better it is! But do not compromise on quality.

·         Purchase top quality tires. The best wheel setup and suspension in the world comes from top quality tire set.

·         Take care of the exhaust setup to render good torque or horsepower as per your objectives. You can pick the best size by checking out the measurement chart.  

·         Educate yourself. The best car in the world is nothing but worked upon and without an efficient driver behind the wheel, everything is useless.

·         Get high quality components for your car to enhance its performance. Make sure you always choose top quality and branded spare parts for your car. Do not choose price over quality.

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