Scarves for your Outfit: Trends for this Winter

Some accessories become essential in every season of the year. And yes, when winter arrives, this accessory is the scarf, a basic that no woman with style can do without. If you know how to wear it safely, a scarf can give any look a 360-degree turn.

Having a good assortment of scarves in the closet gives the opportunity to give a different touch to the most varied situations and needs. Do you want to know what the trends in cashmere scarf i for this fall / winter? There they go:

Woven Scarves

The trendiest of the season. Surely in your wardrobe you have several scarves of this kind, a classic and a basic for a long time.

Checkered Pashminas

Another classic for women who love fashion. Perfect to complement an outfit composed only of basic and basic colors, this type of scarves is perfect to give an original and avant-garde touch to your look.

Narrow Long Scarves

It is true that these types of scarves are the ones that, probably, give less heat to the wearer (they are usually made of thread) ... but, in return, they provide a unique elegance.

Check Quilted Scarves

Very warm, this scarf can become your great friend this season. The trendiest thing is to wear it in black.

How to Wear a Scarf

Perfect to combine with jeans, pants and even skirts, you have to know that each type of scarf has its time, its occasion and its style to wear it. Here we leave you three ideas so that you always get it right


Scarves are always worn rolled around the neck, but these days, they look much more if they open and unfold in the middle of the back, which goes around the shoulders and protects the neck. That makes you look classy, ​​and it matches for any combinations you make for mornings, or for cocktail nights.

In the Traditional Way

In this case, the scarf you choose must be large enough so that it can cover your entire torso. Regarding how to use it, you start by throwing it on your back, so that it covers your shoulders. Then, you have to take one of the tips and pass it under one of your shoulders, thus making the scarf firm with your own body. Next, take the part that is left in front and loosen it up a bit for a more relaxed effect.


If you dress in neutral colors such as black, white or brown, wearing the pashmina scarf as a cape will give life to your outfit with the color and patterns of the scarf. Also, if the scarf is fringed, leave it free over the shoulders and covering only the middle of the back. It will be yes how you will get a layer effect.

Rolled up

This is the most traditional use, only in this case it tries to hide the tips. In this way you will make the scarf and the clothes you are wearing stand out. If you wear the rolled scarf, her thing is that you wear basic colors, without prints. This way the details will not be lost in the winding of your neck.

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