Ways in which Custom Rigid Boxes are Different from Other Boxes

Custom Rigid boxes are also known as set top boxes. These boxes are one of the most popular types of packaging for retail brands. Custom rigid boxes are perfect to use when companies have a goal for their product packaging to reflect its high quality. Setup boxes are synonymous with luxurious products. 

Custom rigid boxes wholesale stand out as the trademark of luxury in the retail packaging realm, and there are many reasons for this. First, rigid boxes are known for their durability since they are at least four times thicker than a standard folding carton. Due to their fancier outlook, these boxes also tend to have less printing to ensure high-quality construction and texture.

You can also add exterior embellishments to their rigid boxes. 

The embellishments may include aqueous and UV coatings, which can come with a shiny glossy finish or a dull matte finish. Customized rigid boxes can also come in high-quality colored leather and wood finishes, metal finishes, and other materials to further accentuate the box's aesthetic level. For example, rigid boxes giving a worn metal look could compliment a product associated with the rustic and industrial style. In contrast, a clean white rigid box with an embossed surface could compliment a brand with modern products in design.

From expensive jewelry pieces to the latest gadgets and fine leather goods to elegant silk scarves, such items almost always come attractively encased in custom rigid boxes wholesale. As a result, consumers are spontaneous that the rigid boxes must have housed a high-end product inside. This is why retailers see significant revenue increases when switching from their old product packaging to high-quality rigid boxes.

No matter what, rigid boxes are ideal for the brands whose customers expect that added layer of exquisiteness and luxury along with a white-glove presentation that makes their products stand out from the rest.

Custom Retail Packaging and Rigid Boxes

Brands looking for unique custom rigid box packaging to enhance their product's retail appeal must consider a few factors when searching for a rigid boxes manufacturer USA based.

These style options include:

        Rigid box shape

        One-piece or two pieces

        Collapsible & foldable rigid boxes

        Hinged / flip lid

        Book-style rigid box

        Match / slide-style

        Partial cover

        Round shaped

        Lift-off & detachable lids

        Magnetic locking rigid boxes


Suppose you want custom rigid boxes that compliment your product and capture your consumer's attention. In that case, always go for affordable, high-quality rigid packaging solutions to drive the sales up since it is paramount to business success.

 Custom Rigid Box Packaging – Gold Standard of Retail Packaging

We have all gone through the happy twinge of anticipation while unboxing the rigid box that contains an expensive jewelry piece or a new smartphone. Rigid box manufacturers USA based deliver packaging solutions that enhance the unboxing experience with a fantastic blend of strength, endurance, and simple elegance.

Designed with high-end packaging styles and finishing options, these boxes are used in virtually all luxury goods industries. Always go for a packaging service provider who can help you create the most effective package design for your products.

Like the Packaging Republic, many packaging companies offer a series of processes that enhance your customers' retail experience and provide a truly luxurious look. Soft-touch coatings, spot gloss application, and hot foil stamping are just a few of the techniques used to take your product appeal to the next level.

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