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The flower has always attracted the attention of everyone who appreciates the beauty of nature. It symbolizes love, affection and peace. There will be many interpretations that we can associate with colors, but the most common meaning is to spread affection towards whoever sees or receives it.

Due to the high demand for flowers, the clementi flower shop is one of the most important stores, especially in places where people regularly celebrate these special occasions. A flower shop can be located in a commercial area, in a hotel, or from the comfort of your home. It can be built anywhere, as long as there is supply and demand for flowers.


It is important that flowers are always in stock in the store, and customers can see and select the type of flowers they need and the compositions they need for this occasion. They should be stored in the refrigerator to a certain freshness level, which is 38 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. This will prolong the life of the flowers. Flowers should be kept in a bucket of water, making sure the end of the stem is regularly trimmed by at least an inch to allow water to pass through. There should be different types of leaves available to match the desired flower arrangement. Baby breath or something similar will also add volume and color to the compositions.


Tools such as cutter, flower pot, plastic saucer, hanging flower pot and cords, thin wire, cello tape, clear or designer plastic wrap, ribbons of different types, colors and widths, flower stands or stands for any type and shape to could be placed should always be available. Of course, without sponges that hold flowers, various types of compositions will not be possible if a vase is not required instead of a pots or saucer. There are various types of flower arrangements such as round centerpieces, one-sided flat centerpieces, pedestals, pendants, and many other arrangements that may be required by the customer or in certain occasions. The florist used two types of sponges: a wet sponge for fresh flowers and a dry sponge for dry flowers. A wet sponge is green and a dry sponge is brown.


The cost of registration will be the most important part of a florist's job.


1. Get the price per piece; every flower used, every leaf, every stem of every baby's breath, no. sponges, pots or saucers used, labor (time taken to cook), and other costs incurred for decoration.

2. Add them all together with the required tax or margin percentage.

3. Wrap the composition with plastic wrap, collecting them on top of the composition and tie with tape or do you think it will look presentable.

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