Sure Fire Ways to Make the Best Bread at Home

Buying a bread maker is like a dream come true for everyone who wants to follow a healthy diet and eat the most delicious homemade bread. There are many sophisticated products on the market, and they are all designed to make baking easier for you. However, no matter how technically advanced your machine is, you will need advice on the types of ingredients you need, how to make the right mixture, and how to store the ingredients. Here are some helpful tips.


It is important to stock up on the main ingredients that are going to be poured into the bread maker. Make sure you buy specialty bread flour, not all-purpose flour. The former will make your bread fluffier and much lighter as it contains more gluten. Alternatively, you can add the substance to all-purpose flour. Also, be sure to use salad oil and preferably olive oil for fluffy, easy-to-cut bread. Try to add the exact amount of yeast required for the recipe you are using; otherwise the dough may rise too high and become too airy. Keep track of how much salt and sugar you put into the bread maker. You should reduce the amount of salt you use if you are adding any vegetable juice. A pinch of sugar is usually more than enough, unless a specific recipe calls for something else. You must be very careful when using a machine to bake dough containing eggs and / or milk. Always check to see if the food is fresh, and never leave the mixture to bake later when it's done. Those who are not interested in cooking, even using such a complex device, can buy special bread mixes that are sold on the market. They are much easier to work with and are also a great option for those with an urgent need to bake.


Sometimes the bread doesn’t come out the way we would like it, it’s too flat, the dough is in the middle or too small. Again, you need to specify exactly the amount of yeast you are using to make the bread airy. One way to check if a baked item is ready after a certain cycle of the machine is to go inside with a toothpick or thin wooden skewer and remove it. If the dough is stuck on the side, the pearl needs to be baked more and you can put it in the oven. To avoid baking small, stale bread, you need to add enough water and butter to the dough and even a few extra amounts during the kneading cycle.


Good flour storage is essential for tasty and best bread in Singapore. Be sure to place it in an airtight container away from moisture and heat. The storage space shouldn't be too cool either.

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