Why Digital Marketing Strategies Are Essential In 2021

The importance of having a digital marketing plan in place in 2021 should not be underestimated. So, where is the best place to start when it comes to creating a digital marketing plan? This question is one that many businesses struggle with as they are aware of the power of mobile and digital media channels for customer acquisition and retention, but don't yet have an integrated marketing strategy in place to harness said power effectively.

There are 10 key problems you are likely to encounter when your business doesn't create or follow a strategic marketing plan. Furthermore, you are certain to fall behind all of your digitally-savvy competitors if you don't seek business advice Hampshire.

Defining Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves using digital media and technologies to achieve marketing objectives. Social media platforms, mobile apps, websites, blogs, search engines, email automation, and online display advertising are all examples of digital technologies or media. Digital marketing strategies can also involve forming partnerships with online influencers and established digital companies.

However, to make digital marketing techniques most effective, they need to be fully integrated with traditional media ads like TV, radio, direct mail and print. Multichannel marketing is the key to success.

Our RACE (Reach, Act, Convert and Engage) planning framework covers a customer's entire journey through the world of digital media.

Digital Marketing Hurdles

There are many common challenges to overcome when creating a digital marketing plan and in my experience, the most common one is knowing where to start. Many people become overwhelmed at the prospect of having to produce a 100-page report, but we are advocates for a lean approach planning. In many cases, a digital marketing plan can be summarised on around three A4 pages when laid out in a table format that shows links between SMART objectives and different strategies within the RACE framework.

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