Aerial footage: why hire a professional drone pilot?


Although there are a plethora of civilian drones on the market, not everyone can pilot such a device. Using a professional drone operatoris a good way of ensuring that safety and the regulations in force are fully respected. It also helps you to obtain quality aerial footage. Drone piloting meets several regulations: device approval, recognized pilot training, etc. Only an aerial photography professional can meet these requirements.

To have quality drone footage

The first reason is the same as when choosing a professional wedding photographer. Nowadays, anyone can get a great camera, and smartphones take pretty decent photos. On the other hand, years of experience and sophisticated equipment allow you to obtain a quality drone footage. You will then be able to show off the beautiful album of your event without shame. You can go to the HOsiHO website to see the quality of the aerial images taken by professionals. In fact, you can purchase aerialimages from HOsiHO if you find any that meet your needs. In any case, whether for your family or professional events, it is important to have high resolution and well-framed aerial photos. This is exactly what a qualified drone pilot offers you.

A professional drone pilot know the legislation

Regardless of your country and city, there is always legislation governing the use of recreational drones. In general, and especially in large cities, the legislation in question has hardened with the rise of civilian drones in order to limit their abusive and dangerous use. In addition to declaring devices over 800g, correctly answering a MCQ is now mandatory in order to be able to pilot legally. The latter recalls the rules for leisure use of a drone. Here are the rules common to most regions:

·         Do not fly over people.

·         Respect the maximum flight heights (150 meters in height in general but make sure to verify).

·         Never lose sight of your device and do not use it at night.

·         Do not fly your device over public spaces in built-up areas.

·         Do not fly your device near airfields.

·         Do not fly over sensitive or protected sites: nuclear power plants, military land, nature reserves, etc.

·         Respect the privacy of others, by not showing the footage without the consent of the people concerned, and by not making commercial use of it.

·         Check the conditions under which you are insured for the practice of this activity.

As you can see, there are many rules to follow to fly a drone legally. Failure to do so may cost you a fine. On the other hand, a professional drone pilot knows all of these rules by heart and is committed to respecting them to the letter at every droneshooting.

To benefit from a better value for money

The drone pilot is trained and has a diploma issued by the Civil Aviation. They must also justify their level of piloting to another professional who provides them a certificate. A large number of flights require authorizations from the authorities (Prefecture, airports, military bases, heliports, nature reserves, etc.). These authorizations take time and are sometimes complex to obtain. At the same time, the professional is used to getting them, which can make the job easier and speed up the process if they are responsible for it.

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