Creating Awesome Live Classes in 2021

The pandemic has forced many educational institutions to close & begin the teaching process online. During the circumstances, many offline institutes & teachers began online teaching.

There are various tools available in the market with a live video feed, such as WebEx, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. However, if an educator would have to replicate their whole offline coaching process, it would only be possible only through online course platforms. There are huge benefits of online live class platforms.

Online course platforms like Spayee have the online live class features which they can use to teach online. Moreover, you can maintain the whole database of your students and grow it like any offline institute.

Schedule a practice meeting

Before your official meeting begins, set up a practice meeting with a colleague/family member or a friend whom you could trust. Practice the whole session with the person & record it. This way, you can critically analyse it & improve it before you’re ready to begin with your live classes!

If you are using Spayee’s in-built live, its excellent feature allows you to get messages through live chats. You can also invite participants to talk to you one on one. However, you can disable this feature as & when required.

Actively Involve Students

During the live classes you will be able to make the most out of it by engaging in it actively. Keep a Q&A towards the end of the session. Keeping your students engaged is a crucial thing to get them come back for you more.

You can even ask your students to participate in a poll or share their assignments.

You can do these things over the call if the features are present :

Gauge the attention of your learners during the live class:

Place students in smaller groups or pair it within a session to engage them in group activities. You can do discussions & projects together or do the problem-solving. When you combine it with other tools such as platforms like Spayee, you can even co-construct texts in groups. On zoom you can broadcast messages & even enter and monitor rooms.

Urge participants to choose among the different feedback types: On some platforms, you have the feature to end replies in the form of Yes, No, Agree, Disagree, Thumbs up, Thumbs down, Go Slower, Go Faster, Applause, Coffee, Clock etc. The features are visible in platforms like Zoom. You can even remove the icons at once, as well as, have access to the summary.

Include The Live Polling: You can submit a single choice or multiple choice questions even during a meeting. The questions that you are creating before should be tackled during the session. By including poll, you can receive feedback & improvise as well. You can choose to show or not show live results to your learners.

Start your Live Stream

Once you are comfortable with your schedule & action-plan, you can schedule your first meeting. Get this a go. You can go ahead & integrate zoom with your Learning Management System like Spayee. Within the platform you have the option to record your videos & use it as a content writing piece as well.

The Live Class checklist

     Create a schedule or a plan for each segment of a class. You need to create a plan & follow it without fumbling or looking confused.

     Get a hang of the Whiteboard used by students.

     Allow your learners to utilize their reactions, write questions in the chat, record the session etc.

     Get students to talk to you one-on-one while sharing projects with you & the whole class.

     When you deliver a presentation or sharing files, give your learners digestible pieces.

Now that you’re established, why not try an online learning platform like Spayee & see if it works for you!

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