From Temp Job to Career: How University of Phoenix Inspires Success


More than 24 million Americans are employed on a part-time basis as of 2021, making it clear that the workforce is changing. Let's explore how higher education through University of Phoenix can turn your temp job into a full-time position.

Businesses of all sizes are targeted by hackers, not just larger firms. System breaches require time and funds to recover from and restore. They also cause damage not just to infrastructure and customer data lost but also to a company’s public reputation. supplement other cybersecurity programs available through University of Phoenix that provide more insight to students interested in the specialty fields of network forensics or digital forensics.

Understand Your Industry

Whether sales, internet marketing, or data-driven analytics, understanding the industry you work in is the first step toward a successful career arc. University of Phoenix offers a variety of individual courses to better prepare individuals for the work they are doing today and the job they wish to do tomorrow.

As an example, enrolling in a digital marketing skill development course gives students an opportunity to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO), quality analytics, and web traffic management. For part-time employees working with social media, coursework in social media marketing better teaches the foundations and nuances of a rapidly expanding industry.

Reinforce Key Soft Skills

Working in a part-time capacity means that we only have a limited opportunity to prove ourselves. We can better develop future opportunities by going back to school while also reinforcing our soft skills.

Soft skills are the non-technical skills that we rely on in our day-to-day life. From learning how to interact with our colleagues to bettering ourselves at solving problems, developing soft skills can make a big difference in a career journey. Some of the most common soft skills that offer continued development benefits include:

     Clear Communication

     Creative Thinking

     Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution


     Time Management

Furthering our higher education can lead to a more well-rounded and diversified set of industry-related skills as well as solidified soft skills. To learn soft skills under the guidance of an educational leader, consider enrolling in programs like Human Resources or Entrepreneurship with University of Phoenix. These degree programs are just two of the many available options for students looking to reinforce their soft skills.

Explore Higher Learning at University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix was to offer higher education to adult learners. Creating accessible higher education, from individual courses to four-year degrees, made it more possible than ever to transition from a temporary job to a dream career.

With both online and in-person programs, students can find the education that fits their lifestyle at University of Phoenix.

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