In this lockdown tell her/him miss you without saying it

In this lockdown, we can’t meet our dear ones. For lovers, it has become more challenging than ever as the colleges and offices are closed too. One can’t even think of meeting the other because of unknown health hazards.

With so many obstacles, how to keep the relationship strong? This question must be doing the rounds in your mind. Well, in that case, you are reading the perfect post.

Here, you would find some tips on how to say Miss You to a special one even without saying it with words. Sometimes we don’t find it very direct or easy to tell someone “I miss you”. It can be because we may feel shy to express the same.

Sometimes we doubt if the other person has the same feelings for us, or we don’t want to interrupt during someone’s important work or disturb them. However, it is not even easy to keep such feelings inside, unspoken and just keep hurting ourselves.

We however feel lonely when we miss someone, and if the other person doesn’t reciprocate with a mutual feeling then it may hurt us badly and demoralize us in these gloomy days. 

 If you too are dicey about it expressing this to someone close, or even if you are not very good at sorting feelings with words, then try some other ways to do it. 

There are many other ways to express our emotions and feelings that can replace the use of words. Some of those ways are given below:

Let some fresh Flowers do the talking

We all know that flowers speak better than words. A gift of flowers is the most perfect present for each and every day, every purpose and every mood. When you don’t know how to say “I miss you” to someone, let the flowers do it.

With MyFlowerApp.Com, sending flowers to anywhere in India, including every city such as Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad is possible even on festivals, occasions like birthday or anniversary and also on any day. 

A gift of flowers will surely bring a smile to the recipient. Even if they don’t have the same feelings for you, they will start missing you instantly after receiving it.

A teddy bear with a “Miss You” message

A cute, cuddly soft toy can win a girl’s heart. Most of the girls love to sleep hugging a snuggly toy. So, if you are missing your girlfriend too, gift her with a soft toy that has a “Miss you” message and a heart on it.

This can solve two problems at a time! One is- your message will be sent to her. And secondly, she will hug the soft toy when she misses you badly. So, this can be a perfect gift to tell that you are missing your close one a lot in this times.

Chocolates to remind of the sweet memories

If you have said something to your lover you shouldn’t have said, and now you are not on talking terms, then express how much you want to be together with a pack of chocolates. If you are trying to send a message to your dearest girlfriend, you should know that a pack of her favourite chocolate is enough to impress her.

Even if you have a crush on someone and you are missing him or her a lot, then send a pack of chocolates to them and then see the magic! You will definitely receive a call from that person to appreciate you for such an admirable gesture.

No one can deny that a bar of chocolate is just like a magic cookie which can surely bring you happiness, by having it or giving it to someone else, especially during this lockdown days.

A cake in a heart shape to tell that your heart is with them

What do you want to have after a heavy meal? A soft, moist cake right? Even if you are celebrating an important occasion lonely in this quarantine period, then nothing can soothe your mind and soul more than a cake.

If you are away from your long-distance lover or missing a close one from another city, try sending them a cake online which can undoubtedly convey your message to them. 

Sweet dishes can uplift the mood of anyone. You can also send it to someone who is not well.Get a message of “Miss You” carved with cream, on the top of the cake and send it.

Greetings and personalized gift

Write down your message of remembrances in a poetic way or a passage of your lockdown stories without the love of your life, and send it along with a personalized gift like coffee mug, cushion or a photo frame with the picture of two of you.

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