Responsibilities, Stands and Characteristics of a Good CFO


I am damn sure that there are many people who also think of that. In conclusion, career development through side businesses is effective in increasing the value of the CFO.

This time, we will introduce the CFO's side business to live flexibly in the future, focusing on the needs and timing of companies that want to hire an outside CFO, and the image of suitable human resources.

CFO means "Chief Financial Officer" and plays a role in controlling the finance of a company. Treasury is one of the three most important things in company management, so the CFO can be said to play a very important role.

Responsibility in Corporate Finance Department

In recent venture companies, it is often the case that the person in charge of accounting and finance is given the title of CFO and is called that way. However, in reality, the CFO has a wide range of responsibilities and duties, and is not limited to accounting and finance work. So, this time, I would like to consider the original meaning and role of the CFO. In terms of text, CFO is an abbreviation for "Chief Financial Officer". As the name implies, there is no doubt that it refers to the person in charge of the "corporate accounting" and "corporate finance" departments. Also makes the way clear to apply for an employer identification number for your company. However, unlike the traditional "Finance Department Manager" and "Accounting Department Manager" that we imagine, the CFO is one of the management teams who manages overall corporate strategy and corporate activities from the aspect of money.

How CFO is comparable to CEO?

By the way, job titles expressed in the form of "CxO" such as CFO and CEO are called "Chief x Officer" in management terms. Chief = the person in charge of the organization, Officer = the executive officer, and the acronym in x refers to the job or responsibility.

This "Chief Officer" mechanism is based on American-style corporate governance. In the United States, ownership and execution (management) of a company are considered as separate things, and the board of directors acting on behalf of the shareholders who own the company appoints and supervises executive officers (managers) in charge of business execution.

The CFO is not a legally-backed position and therefore does not have the required qualifications or licenses. However, due to the wide range of positions mentioned above, it is believed that the knowledge and abilities required of CFOs are diverse. Among them, the following four points are especially required for knowledge and abilities.

What experiences a CFO should have?

CFO India is the professional in "corporate accounting" and "corporate finance" and require expertise in the accounting and finance departments. Ideally, you should have work experience in the accounting / finance department or Investor Relations department of a listed company, have IPO experience in a company, and have good tax knowledge. Even if you do not have such experience, it is effective to make an effort to obtain a certified accountant qualification or an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. It is also possible to respond by hiring and managing human resources with specialized knowledge.

Working from home gives the chance to split away from the everyday schedule of office life. There is no compelling reason to rise promptly in the first part of the day and stall out in the bustling rush hour gridlock just to go to work. There is additionally a lot of investment funds from gas heading to and from monitoring work from home employees. No supervisor watching and monitoring all day long. The most awesome aspect of everything is working for yourself, working the hours you need, and picking the sort of work or home-based business that accommodates your way of life.

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