Top Four Highest Paying Jobs In AI, Machine Learning and Robotics That Promise A Safe Career


 “Alexa, get me a job.”

Neither Alexa nor Siri can get you a job, but the technologies they are built on, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, can. Though you may hear people say AI, machine learning and robotics are expected to replace their jobs in three to five years, remember that just a mere assumption. The truth is all these three technologies not only made our lives better but also opened up a wide slew of career opportunities for job-seekers.

The talent market of AI, machine learning and robotics is under the limelight right now. According to Gartner, the business value produced by AI and machine learning will reach almost $3.9 trillion in 2022. The basic salary of a machine learning engineer is somewhat £58,594 a year in England. Machine learning jobs are expected to be worth $31 billion by 2024, with an annual growth rate of over 40% in a six-year period. There was a demand for almost 380 permanent jobs in 2020 and 209 jobs till March 2021 in robotics in the UK alone. These statistics prove that if you are willing to put in the hard work, you could be on your way to a great career in this field. Here are the four highest-paying jobs in AI, machine learning and robotics that promise a safe and satisfying career in the future.

  1. AI data scientist

What’s the average salary?

$122,840 to $171,755


       Collect and analyse huge sets of different types of data

       Use subject-specific knowledge of mathematics, statistics and computer science to understand what each piece of data means.

       Search for and identify similar patterns in the sets of data using machine learning, cluster analysis, data mining and visualization

Educational qualifications required:

       A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Physical Sciences or Social sciences or

       A Master’s degree in data science, astrophysics, machine learning, etc.

       A special skill like how to use Big Data querying or Hadoop may also come in handy.

From the music you play on Siri to your online shopping history, about 99% of your online activities generate valuable pieces of data. These huge pieces of data help organizations predict their target audience's behaviour or the trends in their industry. That is where the role of AI data scientists comes into play.  

IMB Watson is one of the greatest examples of AI technology. It helps physicians identify key pieces of information in a patient’s medical record so that they can provide relevant treatment options. Data scientists collect and evaluate the data from 15+ pages of text, at least 300 journals and 200 textbooks with machine learning and AI. After the evaluation of data, the data scientists provide evidence-based personalized recommendations to the physicians.

  1. Robotics welder

What’s the average salary?

$27,917 to $33,000 per year


       Programme Motoman

       Bolt, clamp and tack weld parts to strengthen the position for welding

       Fit and weld fluid and G-sports on accumulator bodies using robotics GMAW

       Integrates and debugs plant floor welding equipment like weld controls and MIG welding robots.

       Hand-weld TIG/MIG as required

Educational qualifications required:

       A Master’s or a PhD

       Extensive experience in this field

       Sound knowledge of the key computer programming languages

       Other essential skills include analytical, mathematical and problem-solving abilities.

As robotic welders, you can make an average of $13.42 an hour. So, you can only imagine the lucrative salary this career promises. This career has brought forth at least 14,500 job opportunities and is demand is expected to grow by 3% all over the United States. You need a high school degree or GED to qualify for the job and experience in other similar jobs.

Unlike the other career options discussed here, robotics welder requires technical skills related to welding and dealing with car parts. You might be responsible for the fabrication of metallic assemblies or parts through welding using a robotic machine. Besides the technical steps, you need to apply the principles of basic welding symbols and blueprints to identify the right robotic welding parameters.

  1. Machine learning engineer

What’s the average salary?



       Study, evaluate and convert data science prototypes

       Use test results to conduct statistical analyses

       Design and develop machine learning systems

       Design apps based on machine learning for clients

Educational qualifications required:

       A high school diploma or GED

       Twelve months of on-job experience

       Three or more years of experience related to welding or robotics

Brandon Purell, a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, stated in the 2019 Future of Work Report:

“100% of any company's future success relies on adopting Machine Learning (ML). For companies to be successful in this age of the customer, they need to predict what customers want, and ML is absolutely essential for that.

An advanced degree in computer science can also make you eligible for this career. So, you should invest quite a lot of time getting the hang of mathematical and statistical concepts such as median, mean, calculus, variance, etc. It would be helpful if you could master data modelling and data architecture skills as well.

  1. Artificial Intelligence engineer

What’s the average salary?

       At least $110K in the US

       Over 85,000C$ in Canada

        €84,574 in German


       Help other applications use machine learning models by converting the latter into Application Program Interfaces

       Build data ingestion infrastructure

       Enable data transformation

       Help stakeholders and product managers understand the results generated from the AI models

       Conduct statistical analysis to help organizations make wise decisions

As an AI engineer, you may have to test and develop AI models with the help of programming algorithms. The algorithms include random forest, linear regression, logistic regression, etc. You may also have to implement machine learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks to build AI models. Organizations rely on these models to run their operations and make decisions smoothly.

Besides a degree in computer science or statistics, you also need to acquire certain skills such as programming skills, probability, linear algebra, etc. Employers in this field also prefer candidates who are familiar with programming skills, linear algebra, probability, etc.

Wrapping Up,

As you can see, most of these highest paying jobs require a Bachelor's degree in computer science. The next time you have to write a paper on AI, machine learning or robotics in your computer science class, don’t fret. You can opt for computer network assignment help online to clarify your doubts regarding the topic and gather as much knowledge as possible. Your hard work will pay off once you graduate with flying colors.

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