Mother's Day is just around the corner. The ideal time to show your mom how much she means to you. How? We are happy to inspire you with 9 creative Mother's Day ideas!

The best Mother's Day ideas

In addition to the traditional bouquet, there are also many original ideas and gifts for Mother's Day.  We want to introduce you to a selection of creative and customizable gifts that can only strengthen the bond between you and your mom. This way, you can make Mother's Day a beautiful and personal day full of love!

Mother's Day idea 1: DIY compliments for mom

The perfect Mothers day gift from daughter to tell her exactly how much you love her. Simply print the pre-made image and cut out the compliments of your choice. You can roll them up, put them in a nice storage box, or put them in an envelope with your personalized  Mother's Day card. Wondering which compliments suit your mom perfectly!

Mother's Day idea 2: A box full of fun

One of the highlights of all Mother's Day gifts: the cookie jar with a photo! Recently also available in heart shape to show her in an even more fun way how important she is to you! Which photo place would you put in the spotlight?

Is your mom more of a tea fanatic? Then she will jump for joy with our brand new wooden tea box! No photo on this, but an excellent quote perfectly fits your mom because tea is always a good idea!

Mother's Day idea 3: A personalized flower pot

All mothers love flowers and plants in the house, especially when they receive a Mothers day gift in a personalized flower pot! Choose a nice photo of you and your mom and buy one of her favorite plants. Bet that this gift will remain in her interior forever?

Mother's Day ideas: flower pot

Do you have no idea which plant would suit her well? In this blog post, you will find a lot of inspiration: A bright gift for Mother's Day.

By the way, we have a lot of new Mother's Day designs that are also available on the flower pot. You think them all here.

Mother's Day Idea 4: The softest gift

Do you want to show your mom how much you care about her? Then give her this beautiful personalized photo cushion as a gift. With our recently improved quality, they are softer than ever, so your mommy can cuddle you at any time of the day!

Mother's Day Idea 6: A stylish photo block

Does your mom like a stylish interior full of nice decoration items? Check, then you've found the perfect Mother's Day gift: a stylish wooden photo block! With the most beautiful photo of the two of you on, her interior eye-catcher would be the best mothers day gift from daughter.

Mother's day idea 7: quote booklet

Do you have a lot of nice photos of you and your mom, but don't share them with her enough? Then it is an urgent time to make a nice photo book out of this! A quote book consists of pages that you can fill yourself with photos and quotes. You can copy quotes or add quotes that suit your mom perfectly! Thanks to our function "fill my photo book automatically," this quote booklet is ready in no time.

Mother's Day idea 8: For the kitchen princess

Is your mom a real kitchen princess who has a whole host of fantastic recipes of her own? Then don't hesitate to give her a personalized recipe book! Bet she'll be over the moon?

Recipe booklet

A little less time? Then this personalized tapas platter will certainly appeal to her. Whether she uses the wooden cutting board in her kitchen or present her appetizers, the nice quote you place on it will make her day anyway!


Close your eyes and think of your mother. If you could describe it in a flavor, what would it be? If she loves to make cakes, you might think of very sweet ingredients like vanilla and almonds. Or maybe she loves going out in nature. Therefore, you could think of fresh flavors such as the salty sea breeze or invigorating citrus fruit. So, this year on mother’s Day, choose a gift that perfectly reflects her personality.



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