Advice from a Professor: Eight Steps to Writing a Good Term Paper

A head of the Department of Classics, Professor Aleydis Van de Moortel, acknowledged that writing a research paper is among the key issues that her younger students struggled with in college. The professor said that most students did not apply the English classes' writing skills to other courses. She, therefore, recommended universities to teach students writing skills they can use in their majors. In her class, she provided students with systematic instructions to help them write good research papers. The systematic procedure entails the following steps: 

1.      Choosing a good topic: Always does adequate research before selecting a research topic, from which you will formulate a focused and interesting research question. Some of the best research questions begin with "why" and are not too descriptive. 

2.      Find sources:

·         After selecting the topic, think about the sources you need.

·         If using Internet sources, ensure they are scholarly articles prepared by scientific institutions or universities.

·         Write them in the correct formatting method to make it easier for the reader to locate them. 

2.      Make notes: write your research question and, against it, write down the key points derived from research. Notes will keep you from being sidetracked when writing the final paper. 

3.      Prepare an outline:

·         Write your introduction.

·         Highlight the points of discussion.

·         End with a brief conclusion.

It will give you focus and help you organize your thoughts. 

4.      Prepare a rough draft: The most important things here are word choice and content. You do not have to pay too much attention to style. Also, remember to list your tables, illustrations, and biography. 

5.      Revise: Reread your work while checking the style, grammar, and spelling

6.      Rest: If possible, rest before rereading your paper. This way, it will be easier to identify any inconsistencies and errors.

7.      Formatting: Check the structure and requirements such as title page, font type and size, line spacing, and referencing style.

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