Tired Using Old Model Car Here-the Tips to Buy Top Family cars Australia

To welcome a new family member home is beyond blissful. It is also natural to think about your new-born’s safety while they are on a joy ride in your car. However, you might look at the archaic set of four wheels in your garage and have doubts about its safety. It is true that old cars may not provide many safety measures. Moreover, your sedan or a sports car may not be ideal for the growing family.

How to deal with old & wrecked cars

It sometimes very important to sell your used car before going ahead for new purchase. However, there are few recommendations of such vehicles as well they are not mechanically fit and wants more money to fix. The car owners gets two options to deal with such cars, if their vehicle is running, with REGO and good condition they can directly deal with the used car dealers that is pretty easy in everywhere. Whereas, the vehicles are not mechanically fit with no REGO can directly deal with salvage yards in their states in Australia. If belongs to Queensland and looking for such wrecked car buyers Brisbane, undoubtedly section of sell8 will be perfect solution.

Pocket friendly family cars in Australia

The safety and comfort of your family should be your top priority. This is why we recommend you to look for a car which offers you both safety and convenience. Don’t worry! We do not expect you to expand your budget. We understand and acknowledge the rise of expenses when you welcome home a new baby. You might not want to shell out money on a giant SUV. But there are plenty of options in the market which are not only baby-friendly but also budget-friendly. If you desire utmost safety for you and your family, read on to know the best cars to buy if you are expecting.


Most compact cars do not offer comfort because of their small stature and less space in the interiors. However, Honda Jazz stands as an exception. This car is compact, but thanks to its design, it offers a lot of space. The fuel tank in this car is placed under the front seats. This is considered to be the safest placement for fuel tanks. Moreover, the rear seats can be easily flipped back in case you want to carry some tall objects. It also has enough room for your family in the backseat. It has 354 litres of cargo space and with three anchorages for the child seat across the back bench, this makes for a perfect option if you are planning to buy a car for your growing family.


If you are planning to buy a small car for yourself, these are the most suitable options. Not every aspect of this car is particularly baby-friendly. However, the ample room it offers in the backseat is good enough for you to put two or even three child seats and still lean in comfortably. Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic and Kia Cerato are the small cars you can buy to ensure plenty of room for your family. We would suggest you buy Impreza if you are also looking for safety in the driving experience of the car.


Medium to large Sedans have been getting less attention from new car buyers. However, there are still many options from this class of car which you can buy to offer your family a comfortable experience. If you are on a budget but in need of a premium car with enough room for the prams, Skoda Superb is the car for you. It contains a huge boot and the European design of the car makes it look pricier than it actually is.

Cars like Toyota Camry can offer you benefits in under $30k and with great room for your family in the backseat and excellent cargo space, it makes for a safe family car. If you can increase your budget, Holden Commodore has a lot in store for you. Its wagon body style and pram-friendliness make it a premium Sedan.


Now that we have entered into the realm of family-friendly car, we can tell you that not every SUV is meant for your family. A perfect ride height is not the only condition one needs to ensure a safe and convenient ride for the family. One such bad seed in the family of SUVs is Mazda CX-3 which has a small boot and extremely cramped rear seats.

However, some cars have made in the list of baby-friendly cars because of the generous room, ride height, and cargo space. Honda HR-V and SUBARU XV can be a great option if you are planning to buy a comfortable ride for your family. Suzuki Vitara is another such SUV with its boxy body and a traditional SUV stature which makes it a good choice for families.


Even though you probably have over a decade for your toddler to turn into a teenager, you might want to buy a car for the long run (literally). If you want to make an investment which you can commit to for years, these medium SUVs can be a perfect choice. Subaru Forester and Honda CR-V offer you great rear space, luggage capacity and also tailgates which open wide enough for your little ones. Both Mitsubishi and Nissan X-trail offer you an added benefit of a third row-seat in case you have a bigger family to keep happy.

From small and compact cars to Sedans and small-medium SUVs, you have a wide range to choose from if you have a baby on your way. Space and comfort are not the only aspects you have to look for in your new purchase. You must ensure that your car also offers you safe-drive and long-term safety. Choose a car that fits your budget and fasten the seatbelts for the little addition to your family.

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