Usage and importance of solar energy

In thesimpler form,solar energy is defined as energy obtained from the sun by usingsolar panels which are used to convert the sunlight into electricity for usein business and residential homes. In recent days, solar energy is assessedas well-known renewable energy which can decrease the portion of electricity that isproducedfrom fossil fuels.Most people will have an idea of working of solar energy and the generation of solar power Singapore to use in the business or homes. 

The processis when the sunlight falls on the solar panel on the rooftop and then it becomes electricity. The system works in this way:Sun isahuge nuclear fusion reactoroftenproducing its energy.A photon which is present in that energy radiates from the sun surface and then the radiation energy travels with a huge number of photons and then reaches the earth surface. Some of these photons will travel aboutninety-three million miles to reach the Earth in eight minutes only. Thirty percent of that solar energy is reflected back from the Earth and to reach back again into solar system. The rest of solar energy wouldhit the Earth surface as either infrared radiation or visible light. After reaching and hitting the solar panels the solar energy is then converted into electricity.Only fifteen percent of the solar energy that hits the solar panels is converted into electricity.

How beneficial is the usage of solar energy to the people?

Everyone knows that solar energy is limitless and is renewable energy which does notgenerate CO2 or other gases emissions as solar PV system doesn’t consume any type of fuel or do not require any type of resources in nature such as wind or water. This is thefactorthat brings it as a  most engagingsystem for generating energy from the perspective of the environment.There are other advantages of the solar PV system of electricity generation. The following are a few among them:

·        Low cost for energy production:Solar energy does not require any external supply forworking. Therefore the maintenance of the solar PV system is minimal.The solar energy used toproduce electricity expensesisalmost zero. The only expenditurerequired when using a solar energyPV system is its purchase and then its installation of all required components. Even though the initial investment is huge but there areno extra costs required for its usage, so the installation costs can be recovered quickly.

·         Effect on the environment:The generation of solar energy doesn’t produce any type of noise pollutionthat is significantfactor to take into account.Even the installations in any areas do not produce any waste. So the usage of the solar pv system is eco-friendly.

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