What are the Best Educational Toys for 3-Year-Olds?


Pre-school children acquire knowledge through experimentation and exploration in their daily surroundings. Giving an introduction to educational toys for 3-year-olds creates organic teaching conditions. This promotes developmentally relevant situations where kids encounter discovery and learning that fosters motor, cognitive, emotional and social skills.

Below given are the five best recommended educational toys for kids learning.

Bath Letters and Numbers

Turn bath time into knowledge time with Bath Letters and Numbers. Consolidate learning into a 3-year-old’s bath routine with vibrant foam numbers and letters.

These bubble toys swim in the bath and stick to tub walls when damp. Then they can be removed quickly when dry and leave no deposit. With 26 letters and ten numbers in six fun, vibrant colors, there are many possibilities for children to learn the names of the notes, numbers, and colors.

Dado Cube

These educational toys for 3-year-olds are an exciting twist on standard building blocks. Dado Cubes are an assortment of ten cubes mounted from one inch to five inches that stack and nest, united along holes in their edges. These different blocks teach kids about balance, proportion, color and structure in a natural teaching background. Young minds engage with the splits in each piece that interlock to create 3-dimensional or 3D formats.

Mighty Mind

The discovery of Mighty Mind makes it a remarkably different toy for 3-year-olds at school or home. This toy develops fundamental skills such as spatial awareness, creativity, problem-solving, logic, self-confidence, and fine motor.

Kids can learn to answer these mind boosting problems before they learn to read. The vibrantly colored patterns can fit onto the shape board in various ways.

Robot Engineer

Robot Engineer Kit includes a storybook and 51 large multicoloured plastic building blocks that are comfortable for small hands to handle. Kids can construct automata with arms that spin while they learn about simple machines. Children can have a thrill assembling the non-motorized robot prototypes based on the robots in the given storybook. The storybook and construction kit is a fun way to introduce easy engineering concepts to 3-year-old children.

Rhyming Words Match & Learn Puzzle

This box set of Rhyming Words Match & Learn Puzzles offer exceptional educational toys for 3-year-olds. The self correcting puzzles have authentic life images with the related word beneath. Turn the blocks over, and the corresponding word is at the back for more high-level gameplay for two games in one.

Each word pair’s rhyming element is highlighted in coordinating colors to help budding learners recognize exact rhymes. Kids develop fine motor skills by managing the puzzle pieces. Blocks are quite large enough for little hands to hold and play.

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