What is a divorce and why do people go through it?

 Marriage is a social institution as it is practiced in all societies. It is a worldwide knows term and every society in the modern time has this institution. The term marriage means union and commitment between two people.

Marriage is a universally known and accepted term. When two people would like to get into a relationship and they would like to be committed to the relationship for lifelong is known as marriage.

When two people get married it’s not only they but it’s the two families who get together. No doubt that marriage is a term which is known worldwide but each and every culture has its own ways and rituals of performing a marriage.

End of the day the way it is performed may differ but the main concept of marriage is the same. Trust, commitment, respect these are the few elements which are very essential for a marriage. One more important thing which plays a vital role in a marriage is love. If the two people don’t love each other then it would be no use of staying together.

The main essence of marriage is love. A marriage can face all ups and downs in a relationship if the two individuals stand by each other no matter how difficult the situation is. Both the individuals should be a support system for each other. However there are cases where both the people may not be fine with each other’s company. There could be many reasons for a couple to decide to get divorced.

Divorce means after marriage when the couple decide to get separated from each other and decide not to have any commitment towards each other. All the relationship i.e. physical, financial and other commitment which they had during the marriage gets void.

Once the couple gets divorced they are free to get into relationship with anyone else. There are many divorce lawyer Singapore has. The couple can reach out to qualified divorce lawyers who can assist the couple in getting divorced legally.

Can any couple get divorced or are there any rules to get divorced:

Once a couple decides to get separated and divorce each other they can go for the legal formalities. There is no specific reason why a couple should get divorced. Few people get divorced due to lack of trust or understanding among themselves.

Some people get divorced due to lack of compatibility. Some people get divorced as the couple’s financial situations may not suit each other. There could be any reason for a couple to get divorced.

There is no specific rule that couples should get divorced only if they are like this or if they don’t follow this so on. Any couple can get divorced if they want to however they should go through the legal procedure via a reputed lawyer or legal advisor.

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