A Quick Guideline for Becoming a Gray Man

Anonymity is not always good, but there is merit for it in certain situations. When you want to protect yourself and others from dangerous people in chaotic scenarios, being a gray man is ideal. 

What Is a Gray Man?

Although this term implies that the person must be male, that is not true. Men and women alike can embody this philosophy. This type of person knows how to become a chameleon in all different environments because the ultimate goal is survival during chaos. Whether you are witnessing an act of terrorism or something equally dangerous, you will always be prepared. This is especially true because you will have the tactical advantage of hiding in plain sight while minimizing your risk of becoming a target.

Consider Your Appearance

Carrying weapons is an important part of staying safe. You want to wear the best clothes for concealed carry possible. Donning camouflage will actually make you stand out more if you're not out hunting. Adjust your wardrobe for the climate and geographical location. Choose neutral colors so you don't stand out from the pack. This applies to anything you are holding as well, such as a backpack. Mask any scents that may attract unwanted attention.

Act Natural

Almost nothing gets you noticed more quickly than shifty behavior. Don't engage in confrontations and keep your eye contact at bay. Do your best to acknowledge no one so that no one acknowledges you. Check your surroundings without being too obvious. Do your best not to stare at others or make jerky movements. Don't be afraid to mimic the behavior of others around you.

Furthermore, separate your role at home from your role outside. You might think that the whole purpose of doing this is to avoid standing out in public. No one knows what you are doing at home, right? Wrong. Don't let your neighbors see you hoarding extra supplies such as water or food. The same goes for your arsenal.

While everyone hopes that catastrophic events won't happen, you still need to safeguard yourself. 

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