Fashion 101: What to Wear to a Horse Racing Event

Here's hoping that soon enough, the world will be back to normal, and we can start attending horse racing events. Horse racing has been around for a very long time. In fact, history suggests that horse racing started around the 15th century.

Over the years, these events have become more than places where you can go watch the horses race. In fact, they have become places where men and women flaunt their most delicate dresses and suits.


So, we need to talk about what you should wear to a horse racing event. What most people do not realize is that there is actually a horse race dress code. In fact, most of these events even have a strict dress code.


For that reason, you must always check the dress code of the horse racing event that you will be attending so that you are not embarrassed. Most event websites will actually publish the dress code online days before the event. Without wasting much time, this is what men should wear to a horse race.


Let's talk about suits


We know that a lot of men love to wear suits to horse racing events. However, you do not have to wear just any type of suit. Instead, you should opt for a lightweight suit, or at least go for a sports jacket.


This is because most of the time, these events are held during the warmer months of the year. Therefore, it's always warm at the racecourse. Although wearing a suit may not be mandatory at most racing events, you will find that wearing one will actually make you look sophisticated and stylish.


At the same time, you need to understand that you really do not have to be overdressed when you're at a horse race event. Remember, you will find that there are actually some really fashionable sports jackets that are actually designed for these events.


A summer jacket is an excellent option


Now, let's talk more about the type of jackets that you can wear to a horse race event. As mentioned earlier, some racing events will not require you to actually wear a jacket. However, if you still feel the need to wear a jacket, make sure that you go for a summer jacket.


Summer jackets are naturally stylish, and they add a lot of fun to your whole outfit. Besides, these jackets are perfect for such kinds of events.


Wear an appropriate shirt


This option applies to those men who are going to wear jackets, as well as the ones who won't be opting for one.


It is always a very good idea to choose a pastel shirt to wear to a horse racing event. Also, we really recommend that you also go for a pastel tie in order to complete the look.


If you decide not to wear a jacket, you can opt for a cardigan. In this regard, we suggest that you choose a tie that actually matches your shirt and your jacket, or cardigan. 


Accessories add the final touch


So, in order to complete your look, you should always ensure that you add some accessories. While a lot of men do not really fancy accessories, they are a huge part of your whole look.


The great thing is that you can choose an accessory that you prefer, and there are just a lot of options for you to go for.


We suggest that you add a hat in order to complete your look. The perfect one for this look will be a bowler hat or a fedora hat.


Also, you should ensure that you add some socks just to make your whole look fun. In fact, try adding some really colorful socks to your look.


Remember, you can always add more accessories if you want. For example, you can choose to wear an elegant belt. This ensures that you fancy up your final look.


Depending on what you have chosen to wear, you can also decide to add some pocket squares. For some reason, we find these to be really gentlemanly.


Another really great accessory that you can add to your outfit is a designer watch. Designer watches have a way of making you look sophisticated and well-kempt.


Finally, it is essential that you carry sunscreen, some water, as well as snacks.

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