When is the best time for Tan?

Nothing in our life is perfect, but our tan can be.

The way we look plays an important role when it comes to boosting our confidence. The adequate amount of knowledge and a little effort is all what is needed to have a perfect tan without getting our skin burnt. Every individual has different skin colours, textures and body structures but we should always be proud of whatever we have. We should embrace ourselves as everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways. Scars or bed rash tans are nothing to be ashamed of instead we should set examples for others by being proud of them.

If we have a goal to get a perfect tan and enjoy the summer sun, the best time for tanning should be selected as timing really makes a huge difference. For instance, if we are choosing the sun as our tanning source it is very important to move out in the sunlight when it is the best time for tanning as the sun doesn’t generate the UV rays with equal intensity throughout the day. Well this might not be true in the case of tanning beds and booths, still opting for the best time for tanning effects the results and helps us in getting better results.

Without any second thoughts we know very well how sun proves to be the cheapest and a natural occurring source of tan. It can provide us with the best results of a perfect caramel hue which we are longing for. But it is very important for us to know that it is not the sun’s visible light but it is the UV rays which makes a difference in our skin colours. The biggest myth which people have in their minds should also be busted and everyone should know that we can tan ourselves even on the cloudy and windy days.

The intensity of the UV rays is the main game changer. We might burn ourselves if we do not choose the best time for tanning. The strength of the UV rays from the morning sun is way different from that of the evening sun. The highest UV intensity is between the time period of 10am to 4pm, it is known as the golden hour and is also the hottest time of the day. People hurrying in search of a “perfect time” usually choose this time due to lack of knowledge and then end up burning their skins or something even worse. Getting yourself a sunburn and getting yourself tanned are completely two different sides of a coin and we can never use them interchangeably.

Tanning is a slow and gradual process. Having patience and choosing the best time for tanning plays a vital role in intensifying the skin shade and giving the best outcomes.  With having knowledge about the best time for tanning there are other important factors which we should be aware of too. Factors such as the seasons, the altitude and latitude also effect the strength of the solar rays.

The winter months witness mild solar rays, whereas summer months from May to August witness very intense solar rays which increase the chances of sun burns as the sun is very close to us and emits very strong UV rays, hence making it not the best time for tanning. Also, when the altitude increases the light scattering is less, but the intensity of the rays is more.

In relation with all the above mentioned things, the type of skin also matters. If we have a very sensitive type of skin the amount of care taken should increase. Keeping in mind multiple reasons the best time for tanning is considerably before 10am and after 4pm. This is the time when the sunrays are not falling directly on our skin and thus the possibilities of reddish skin and burns decreases.

Another better method we can opt for is the “shadow-method”, in lay man terms whenever we find our shadow taller than us, the UV rays are less intense at that time, hence making it the best time for tanning without using any technical knowledge. Also, if we do not have time except for the peak hours then we can choose to tan ourselves under a shade.

While if we are using tanning beds or booths there is no need to worry about the “perfect time” or even the “perfect weather”. But if we are really looking forward for the best results the morning hours should be given more preference because after the session we should go and sit in the sun which help us give a better bronze look with a better base tan.

There are many myths related to tanning and some people still get ashamed of their tans. But it is very important for people to accept that our flaws make us flawless and our imperfections make us perfect. Also, the glow of the bronze look acts like a cherry on top of a cake and is always pleasing to the eyes. It not only makes us attractive but also makes our vibes extremely enthusiastic.

I hope my article helps everyone change their perspectives and helps to have a safe and beautifully tanned skin.

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