A Green Card After the E2 Visa is Possible

The E2 visa is a visa that investors or business owners apply for when they want to bring business into the United States. It can be for companies, franchise owners, and even real estate developers. Real estate developers with properties all over the world use it all the time. To get one, you just need to prove you have money, and you want to bring it to America. It's a win for America too because you will be stimulating the economy. If you can prove you can and want to do this, you should not have a problem getting one. They are still being granted in the pandemic.

You might be wondering if you can apply for a green card after your I-129 application. Yes, that can happen too. Here's more on that.

What Does an E2 Visa Do?

An E2 visa is a two-year visa with an unlimited amount of extensions for renewal. It allows you to bring your business to the United States, and make money here. It requires an initial investment, which you will have to prove that you have.

To take advantage of the unlimited renewal possibilities, you will have to make money here. If your investment does not grow, your renewal applications might get denied. There are ways to stay in America without an E2 visa, and one way is the green card.

E2 Visa to Green Card

An E2 visa is just one step in the process of staying in America. If you don't continue your business, or want a more permanent solution to staying, a green card is an option. During the course of your E2 visa, you can apply for a green card as an immigrant. Then you would go through the standard green card process. An E2 visa does not disqualify you from trying for a green card. 

Your chances of getting a green card while making money in America will be improved.

Contact a Lawyer

If you want to bring your business to the United States, the process to get there is the E2 visa. Contact an E2 visa lawyer for help. An E2 visa Los Angeles-based, and those located elsewhere, will tell you it's the easiest way to get the paperwork done without the stress.

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