KolhapuriChappals: Ways to wear them

India has been in the limelight for its rich culture and heritage since ages. The country has 29 states and each has its own culture and values. They have varied rituals and followings, but still form a part of this incredible nation. Different places are also famous for their attractive clothing, footwear, dances, artistic skills, etc. Today, we will focus in detail on a specific type of chappals that have got a rich history behind their formation.

Kolhapurichappalsare one the most preferable wears in today’s date. Women of every age is found comfortable wearing these. These chappals are so popular that they are mostly found in evey other girl’s collection. They not only add limelight to your outfit, but also provide you with the comfort to perform daily activities handily.Kolhapuriichappal usually fit with any kind of outfit. Their light weight also adds to the reasons why they are in high demands of the customers.

These chappals are made up of leather and are added colors using vegetable dyes. They are also famous by the name Kohlapuis and are worn by number of influencers and celebrities. The evolution of Kolhapurichappals has been historic over the years. They originated in Kolhapuri and derived their name from there itself. Their reach is not limited to India, but has crossed international borders and are widely used by the masses all around the world.

They could be worn with a variety of dresses and on multiple occasions. A few examples to introduce Kolhapurichappals in your outfit are as follows:

1.       Kurtis: Kurtis are the most common Indian wear that ladies wear on almost every occasion. They could also be used as a daily wear garment because of the comfort that they offer. They are usually paired with Kolhapuriis to give a complete finish to your look. Since Kolhapurichappalsare available in variety of colors in the market, women often select matching colors of chappals with their kurtis.

2.       Denims: There’s hardly anyone nowadays who doesn’t wear denims. Denims are considered a versatile piece of clothing as they can usually be paired with anything of your choice. Be it a kurta or a top, denims play a perfect role in adding beauty to your look by completing the outfit. Kolhapurichappals can also be worn with denims. They look best with a blue denim paired with any top/t-shirt/shirt of your choice.

3.       Lehengas: Wearing a lehenga is always present in the wish listof a girl. They are generally worn on weddings, family functions, festivals, etc to celebrate the auspicious occasion to the fullest. Kolhapurichappals, once again, prove to be a great choice when it comes to choosing a footwearwith heavy dresses like a lehenga. These chappals relax your feet by offering stability and comfort and thus, it becomes an inevitable choice to pair them with lehengas.

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