Distribution Software: Manage Your Business the Smart Way

DMS – Distribution Management System is the amalgamated approach of various distribution applications that helps businesses effectively manage, control, and monitor an entire network of distribution. It simplifies and makes it easier to handle and manage the various phases of a distribution chain, which includes processes like ordering, delivery of orders, inventory management, payments, and service management.

The entire process of distribution involves various critical steps that make the entire process very cumbersome and frustrating for employees handling it. To make the entire process efficient, and automated, you have the distribution software or the distribution management software for your help.

What is distribution management system software?

Distribution software is the one that manages everything involved in the entire distribution system of a business from order processing to inventory control to purchase and accounts to customer service, supply chain management, sales management, and finance management.

With the aid of the distribution software, you will be well equipped to manage your customers, your services and sticks, and various other involved processes economically and conveniently. You get all the information you need to be displayed on your computer screen. It allows you to computerize your entire business process and makes all your crucial business decisions in a matter of no time. All your sales activities can be well-coordinated with ease. 

The important features of the distribution software that you take advantage of are:

·         Order and Sales Force Management

Simplify your order-taking process and the fulfillment required by your sales force. Approve orders immediately and save the invoices in one place. Maintain all records of orders and payments and returns. Ensure no errors in payment collection and reconciliation with your collection department. No order gets to breach your pre-set credit limit policy for customers.

·         Manage all your purchases, stocks, and inventory in one place

Keep a record of all purchases and returns, along with tracking inventory on hand within multiple warehouses. Easily manage multiple brand products under a single platform. You will find it a beast to maintain detailed information of all your suppliers and brands and products.

·         Tax and Accounting Management

Now track balance sheets and view your P&L with the distribution softwareeasily. Keep track of invoices, outstanding balances with dues, and all collections. Track accounts payable, taxes payable, along with simplifying customer returns through the help of credit notes. Create customized account heads and entries. Pre-built Tally integrations make it easier for data transfer and record keeping.

·         Manage Credit and Receivables

Control your business credit sales exposure within defined customer categories, ratings, and assigned credit limits. Define the limits based on the outstanding balance and invoice count.

·         KPIs and Reporting

Get a detailed business overview with accounts report, P&L, and balance sheet report all in one place. Manage your company taxes and GST reports, receivable reports for outstanding balances, and the aging of receivables. You can also view daily and periodic sales reports, both brand-wise and product-wise. Get to know the performance of your sales team with a salesman performance report. Get on-hand stock report for detailed study and implication.

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