Staying Happy And Healthy In Your Old Age


Getting old is no fun, but this is something that everyone goes through and that every family member has to watch their relative experience. However, if you are the one that is getting old, there are some things that you can do to support yourself so that you don’t feel as though life is slipping through your fingers. Hopefully, you will have people around you, such as family members, who will be willing to help you out and give you any emotional support you might need.

Being In A Pleasant Environment

When you get older, being in a pleasant environment is really important so that you feel comfortable and safe in your surroundings. Therefore, you should try and avoid living in places with very young populations – as it may end up being quite loud, due to the socializing and parties which may be going on around you. Potentially, you could look into living in a senior living village, which provides a nice environment for people who want a happy, quiet place to live. Take a look into senior living in Sunnyvale, such as Belmont Village, which will provide a spacious place with a great community spirit. Senior living spaces also often provide the care that you need concerning healthcare and any emergencies.

Having A Healthy Diet

To remain as healthy as possible, you need to ensure your diet is balanced and keeps you feeling fresh and young. This means you should really focus on things such as your cholesterol intake, the amount of salt and sugar you are consuming and how many vegetables you are eating. You should go to a dietician to ask them what kind of diet is ideal for you to be following, as it may vary depending on your age, your body type, and any underlying health conditions. Some people in their older age decide to follow a vegetarian diet instead of sticking with meat because of the health benefits it provides. This also means you will be able to have larger portions without having to worry about the implications on your health too much, as you would if you were eating junk food.

Keeping Up A Social Life

To keep you feeling young, you should try and keep up as much of a social life as possible. This would be easier to maintain if you are living in an area surrounded by other people your age, meaning you can gauge your common interests and do some sociable things together. Unless you have a partner, old age can be pretty lonely, so friends are really key for ensuring you have people to talk to and things to do. You could even try and join some sort of club so that you can meet people more easily – such as knitting, painting, or pottery. This will allow you to meet others in your position, so you could even extend your friendship to being one that involves going for lunch together, or a walk.

Receiving Calls From Family Members

Receiving phone calls from your family members is so important for anyone in their old age so that you do not feel neglected or ignored. Whether this is your own children, or even your grandchildren, even a 20-minute phone call per week can be very reassuring to know that you are being thought about and prioritized, rather than the thought of you being tossed to the side. When you see your children and grandchildren, you should remind them of this, so that they are aware that this is something that will make you happy. If they forget to call you one week, try and not take this too personally – younger people often have much busier schedules, so sometimes fitting a phone call in can be a bit of a task. You could even try and bond with family members through finding a hobby you can do together – such as going to a drawing class or playing a board game on a regular basis.

Incorporating Exercise Into Your Routine

Just because you are older, this doesn’t mean you should stay in bed or on the sofa all day. You should actively try and do the opposite and try to exercise as much as you can, as long as it isn’t affecting your joints. You can definitely try and find some low impact exercises to do, which won’t cause you any pain, but will be good for your heart. An example of sports that are often taken up by older people are tennis, badminton, or swimming – depending on whether you would prefer to do a social sport or something solo, there will be something out there that is appropriate for you. If you are joining a team, it would probably be best to go for a senior team, so that you don’t have to feel self-conscious about being less physically able than the other members of your sports team.

Learn A New Skill

Being in your old age means you will have quite a bit of free time, so you can do things such as learn a new skill, which you may not have had time for previously. New skills can be pretty much anything that you feel capable of doing – for example, you could learn to crochet, learn to play a musical instrument, or even learn a new language. If you feel less physically able than in your younger age, there are so many skills including these that do not require physical activity and can be done while sitting down.

Getting old can definitely have its upsides, you just need to learn to make the most of it. As long as you try and keep a ‘young’ mindset and don’t just live as though you are physically incapable of doing anything, you will learn to adapt and maybe even enjoy your new lifestyle. Getting old meaning your life will probably be slightly slower pace, but you will have a lot of time to do the things you couldn’t do previously.

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