The Art of Displaying Multiple Perspectives in Cubismv

Cubism in very simple term refers to the art which is formed through cubes and other geometrical shapes. It is called cubism as art piece is appeared as made of cubes. It gives an artist a chance to express all his ideas in single art piece.

Origin of Cubism

Cubism was first introduced by Pablo Picasso and George Braque in 1907 at Paris. Cubism as term was coined by Louis Vauxcelles after he observed work done by George Braque.  Cubism is considered as very starting point of Abstract painting. From 1870 to 1910 time observed the most rapid progress in every technical field than ever before. This progress made artists of that time to discover new methods of art to make it up to date. Paul C├ęzanne was French painter. His work became source of inspiration for Pablo Picasso and George Braque. Paul Cezanne used geometrical shapes to make three dimensional paintings on two dimensional surfaces. He used to flatten surface of his canvas, this technique was helpful in making his painting more real. Pablo Picasso utilized this technique in his early paintings as in ‘Factory at Horta de Abbo’, George Braque also picked up this style of abstract painting in ‘Viaduct at L’Estaque’.


Types of Cubism

There are two well known types of Cubism in Abstract paintings:

1.     Analytic Cubism

2.     Synthetic Cubism

Analytic Cubism

Analytic cubism refers to that process of art in abstract paintings in which surface of two dimensions is flattened to make pictorial images three dimensional and nearer to reality. In it images are divided by help of geometric shapes on canvas. Color schemes are simplified to the possible extent. It was on its peak from 1908 to 1912.

Synthetic Cubism

Synthetic cubism favors use of various materials which can be substitute for canvas and paint. Painting in this style is called making Collage. Picasso and Braque were first to introduce collage in the world of art. It was in form till 1914. In this style color schemes were made brighten.

Cubism discovers new horizons of art

Artists who adopted style explored new and amazing styles of painting. If you go to some on line site to buy online art, you will encounter with dozens of cubist paintings as modern painters have painted in so many geometrical shapes. Cubism divides things into little pieces to make it more comprehensive. Cubism has given expression to the human intention of looking at something from various perspectives.

New techniques of painting with combination of various materials

Various materials are pasted on like newspaper pieces, tobacco wrappers and many more with paint to make collage. This technique makes painting up to date and multi-dimensional. Color schemes offer limited space for shades. Though synthetic cubist made colors bright but in general cubist paintings do not possess variety of shades. It is due to make painting images nearer to real object and flatten the canvas surface.

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