The best Japan second-hand car brands

Japan is known for its power-driven auto industry. Japanese cars are geared to meet your desires, from high-tech and innovative designs and features to speed and performance. Not just that, number-wise, too, Japan has an unmatchable record in annual car production. Like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, and Daihatsu, some of the most popular brands' automobile industry is from Japan. These brands are awe-inspiring names in the automobile sector globally, known for top features, aesthetics, and dynamic performance.

Since Japanese automobiles are known for super-speed and power, car enthusiasts can invest in Japan second-hand vehicles without any worry or doubt, especially when ordering the cars from a reliable and trusted second-hand dealer online.

Here are the top four second-hand car brands from Japan that are worth a buy:

 1.       Toyota


Between January to December 2020, Toyota sold about 9.5 million vehicles. Over time, the brand has evolved but has been receiving top accolades from the industry. For example, the Toyota Camry was awarded by as the best-retained value vehicle owner, being voted as one of the best overall value car brands by any car manufacturer in 2016. Toyota is globally known for the top-quality car with a brilliant performance. Another distinct feature of the brand is its consistent efforts to create sustainable methods and innovate eco-friendly technologies for the world's good.

The brand is well-known as a leader in the Japanese automobile sector, known for value retention amongst its customers. Therefore, Toyota is one of the best Japanese brands when considering buying second-hand cars.

2.       Nissan

The brand has sold about 4.05 million automobiles in the year 2020. Nissan has always occupied one of the top positions as a leading automobile maker in the world. This Japanese brand has received recognition from all ends ever since its first car model was driven on the road. The brand makes about 60 car models – the Nissan Sentra was named the top 10 great cars for college grads by Autotrader in 2021. On the cost of ownership, the Nissan Leaf earned the title' 5-year Cost to Own' by in 2021.

Ranking high on efficiency, cargo space, and performance, all models of Nissan are worthy as second-hand cars. It is the strength and built of the car models that make it credible as a second-hand purchase. 

3.       Honda

In the 2021 fiscal year, Honda sold about 4.5 million cars. The brand needs no formal introduction because it is one of the most admired car brands in the world. In 2021, Honda CR-V and models Odyssey and Passport won the title 'the best cars for money by the US News & World Report. The Accord has been named an all-time most honored car and driver, this being the 35th time that the model has found a place in the rankings. Owned by Honda Motor Company Ltd Japan, it is one of the top sellers of cars and motorcycles globally. The brand is synonymous with reliability, durability, and dependability. Besides, some of the higher models like the Honda CR-V is also known for comfort and luxury. If you consider buying a Japan second-hand vehicle, then investing in a second-hand Honda car is a wise decision.


4.       Lexus

If you are looking at buying luxury second-hand cars, you can consider Lexus as a brand that belongs to the world-famous Japanese car manufacturing company, Toyota. Lexus sells in more than 70 countries in the world and is ranked as one of the most premium automobile brands on the globe today. Market value-wise, Lexus occupies a significant position amongst the top ten Japanese brands. In 2019, the brand sold about 765,330 units, one of the highest records for the company. Lexus was named the car brand with the best customer service by Car buyers Best Car Awards in 2021. Both Toyota and Lexus have also received the Green Fleet Manufacturer of the Year in 2021 too. 

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