Unbound Creativity: How to appreciate the ideas in the Conceptual Art


What is conceptual art?

Conceptual art is related mainly to the ideas which an artist has in his mind. It gives importance to the concepts and images present in an artist’s mind. It is also called Conceptualism. Conceptual art takes forward the idea and planning of producing an art work. In it real artistic skill is given secondary importance.

Background of Conceptual art

Conceptual art was basically an art movement which came forward in mid 1960s and reached to full prominence till mid 1970s. In 1961, Henry Flynt was first to use ‘Conceptual art ‘ as a term.  Most prominent artists of this artistic movement were Demien Hirst, Robert Montgomery, Joseph Kosuth, Katrin Fridriks, Claude Rutault. This art found its true essence from the definition of an American artist Sol LeWitt, who gave a comprehensive explanation for conceptual art. It was against formalism. Conceptual art favors dematerialization of art and gives the view that need for artistic objects must be reduced to minimum level. Significance should be given to the ideas which lie behind production of an art.


Conceptualized art paintings

Conceptual art paintings do not need to be painted only on some material that could be hanged on walls. According to conceptual art there are so many ideas that are not painted on canvas, these ideas are not sketched due to confusion of appropriate material. All these ideas are better to sketch without having any confusion about any specific material.

Contemporary Conceptualized Paintings

Conceptualized contemporary paintings are digitized. Abstract style of Modern Painting is prominent in it. Debra Ramsay is a prominent contemporary conceptual painter. She works on changing colors of nature. She processes these colors through digital apps. Her process of producing a painting gives promotion to the idea that nature is under process all the time. Some of the important contemporary conceptual painters are John Monteith, Fieroza Doorsen, Sara Hinckley.

Conceptualized paintings produce unbound creativity

Conceptualized contemporary paintings are appreciated for their unbound creativity. These paintings are referred to as unbound creativity because they do not offer any boundaries for creation of art.

Most important is idea not the manner of expression

Conceptualized paintings are all about ideas. It does not matter which manner is used to express these ideas. Any style of painting can be used to give these ideas an appropriate form. A conceptual painter can use oil paints, water colors, wax colors, digital apps and so on. 

Material is at secondary place

Most important thing to be kept in mind is that the idea should be executed in well managed manner, any type of material can be used. There are various types of materials which can be used to express an idea appropriately.

Individuality is important in creating original art

So LeWitt is one of the prominent conceptual artist. He gave the view that individual concepts are of utmost importance. He argued that each line has its own identity when sketched by an individual. The ending production may vary from one artist to other one, even if they both have same idea and planning in their mind. LeWitt said that this individual creativity should be regarded as it is original anyway. Conceptual art is called unbound creativity for this reason that it gives space to every individual.

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