Water Scarcity 101: How To Control Water Flow Properly

One of the reasons why some other parts of the world are facing drought is due to water scarcity. Understandably, some parts of the world are experiencing water scarcity, and one of the best-known countries is Kenya. However, a lot of countries around the world had been prepared for this kind of natural disaster. 

With the great use of a flow meter, the quantification of fluid movement can be measured in various ways. Flow meters are also known by some other terms:

       Flow gauge

       Liquid meter

       Flow indicator

       Flow rate sensor

Flow meters are a device employed to measure the mass or volume of a liquid or gas.

How does it work?

The flow meters measure the speed of the flowing water that runs through the people causing a piston or turbine to rotate. The water volumetric flow rate is proportional to the rotational speed of the blades. A lot of industries and construction projects are using the device to measure and control the execution and distribution of the water. 


There are different water flow meter technologies available, depending on the water measurement app, maintenance requirements, and budget-related terms. There are several types of water flow meters with specific features, such as:

       Distinct principle of operation

       Specific application benefits

       Overall cost-of-ownership

But, for a particular work operation, you have to choose which water flow measurement device you would opt to use. There are four main types of water flow meters available to work.

Types of water flow meters

There are several types of water flow meters to choose from, namely:

  1. Mechanical water flow meters. It is the most economical and common type of water flow meter. It measures water flow through a turbine rotation with a shunter, propeller, or paddle wheel design. It works by messing the speed of the water flow running through the pipe causing a piston or turbine to rotate. 
  2. Vortex volumetric flow meters. It uses a vortex shed. Vortices are forces of nature, the swirls will form as a fluid moves an obstruction like the wind past a flagpole or water flowing on a rick in the stream. A sensor tab flexes side by side as every vortex flows before, it produces a frequency output directly proportional to the volumetric flow rate. There is five process variables of multivariable vortex flowmeters:
    1. Mass flow
    2. Volumetric flow rate
    3. Pressure
    4. Density
    5. Temperature
  1. Ultrasonic flow meters. It uses ultrasound for measuring the speed of the fluid flowing in the pipe. The process works to measure the volumetric flow. An ultrasonic signal will be transmitted in the flowing fluid downstream and another signal is transmitted against the flowing fluid upstream.
  2. Magnetic flow meters. It uses a magnetic field for measuring the fluid flowing speed in the pipe to measure the volumetric flow.

Which of the types of flow meters do you need?

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