A look at how Hollywood's major studios combat piracy

Streaming services and internet penetration have made VoD content extremely popular around the world. As a result, content has been able to flow freely across national borders and language or cultural barriers. Creative studios must now have a global content distribution strategy.

Distribution chains and vendors have become increasingly complex in the digital age, with content traveling across continents and continents before finally reaching the end-user. Current content, library content, and network-owned services are all types of SVOD services' content windowing strategies. TV-everywhere content is currently being broadcast on television networks and some SVOD services (such as CBS All Access and HBO Now) stream videos from their own library, network-owned, or first-party services.

Streaming DRM protected content and using forensic watermarking are necessary to ensure content security throughout the content value chain. Forensic watermarking begins in the studio or in the cloud and travels to the device of the end-user.

Video watermarking helps to pinpoint the exact time and location where the leak is occurring in the distribution network. Each customer's watermark can be embedded, making it possible to track down the exact source of any infringement.

distributor watermarking is also a great way for film studios to keep track of their distributors and punish repeat offenders. It is possible for the studio to improve its strategy by working with distribution channels whose security does not meet the studio's requirements.

In addition, a reliable forensic watermark must stand up to the transfer of data in the form of the content. When digital content is redistributed, it often undergoes a variety of changes in its form and format (for example, during the transcoding process). In contrast to the loss of traditional metadata when a file is transcoded, a robust digital watermark can be traced back to its source no matter how the file is distributed. As a result, content creators would be able to ensure the security of their premium content across all distribution channels, and thus increase profits.

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