Healthy Pet Food Supplies For Your Dogs

When looking for a healthy diet for your dog, you need to read through the label to know more about the product. If you check on the food ingredients, you will be aware of whether it is better for your pet or not. Just like humans, dogs also follow a healthy diet plan. Prepare the best food for your dog from the dog food supplies at

Advance growth puppy

Advance growth puppy is nutritious wet dog food, Australian-made canned puppy food with a complete and balanced diet to support the development of a growing puppy. It is an advanced formulated dog food that delivers ultimate nutrition to your puppies. It is a great product to boost the puppy's cognitive development. The food has antioxidants to sustain a strong immune system. 


It has the following nutritional facts:

  • Choline

  • Antioxidants

  • Zinc and linoleic acid

If you have a growing puppy, it is best to support their diet by giving advanced growth puppy wet food. It is essential to support high digestibility to ensure a healthy tummy. Puppies are also prone to urinary tract infections, which is crucial to get good food for them. Advanced growth puppy is healthy food for all breeds, including lactating and pregnant female dogs.

Advance adult casserole

When there is a specific food for the puppies, so as for the adults. Healthy adults can't have that healthy body without consuming advanced growth puppy food with lamb and rice. The advanced adult casserole has made with lamb wet dog food, formulated for adults.  

The advance adult casserole nutritional facts:

  • Omega 6 plus zinc. This is to support healthy skin and coat.

  • Fermentable prebiotic fiber. This is to support digestion. 

The advanced adult casserole, good for all dog breeds, is highly digestible and palatable. It has a completely balanced diet for all types of breeds. The unique blend of nutrients strengthens the immune system of your dogs with added antioxidants that contribute to a healthy and shiny coat. 

Plus, it helps maintain urinary tract health at its controlled mineral levels and heightened digestibility. With the use of the highest quality lamb, the wet food is nutritious and delicious for the dogs. 

 One-stop online pet food supplies

When you are looking for quality pet foods, choose the nutritious pet foods of pet stock. The brand offers you a wide range of foods from puppies to pregnant female dogs. So, you can be sure that all the foods are specially formulated according to age. Thus, if you are a pet owner, you should check out the different foods at pet stock for regular foods to dog treats.

You can have it all here. Keep your dog happy with a healthy tummy. Give them healthy foods and delicious treats.

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