Professional Teeth Bleaching: What You Have to Do and Avoid


Having a set of bright and pearly teeth may be an unachievable dream for many people. It's a confidence booster and can help you make great impressions when you meet others. You have to be really cautious about your hygiene in order to hold your teeth brilliant and prevent discoloration. However, the unfolding of marks on teeth is a common problem among people, especially because of their bad lifestyle. Many different factors can make them discolored, including smoking, bad diet, genetics, poor oral hygiene, etc. Fortunately, there are many different methods available to bleach one's teeth and make the smile dazzling and shiny again. At- office whitening is famous as the safest and most effective bleaching method to help patients with stained teeth.

A dentist performing one of the best teeth whitening in North York explains that during this process, an expert brightens your teeth shade without hurting them. The important thing about this method is the routine you should maintain afterward. There are a few crucial trainings you should follow and a few things to keep yourself away from at all costs to hold your teeth white. Keep reading this article to learn how you can protect the outcome.


·         White diet: Your diet can significantly impact the shade of your teeth over time. That's why it's vital to keep a white diet if you have recently had your teeth lightened. This diet mostly includes light-colored foods such as tofu, fish, etc. Sticking to this routine for a few days can boost the results of this treatment.

·         Suitable brush: Cleaning your teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush is the most important thing you should follow. It's better to clean them immediately after each meal.

·         Regular visits: An important thing many neglects is the importance of having regular checkups. Your expert can professionally assess your teeth to see if there is any underlying issue threatening your oral health. These checkups can extend the durability of your pearly teeth.

·         Whitening toothpaste: After the procedure, using whitening toothpaste and mouthwash can enhance the results. Furthermore, it can reduce sensitivity, which is a very common problem after that process.


§  Colorful snacks: Some specific foods and beverages can discolor the smile and make them more prone to discoloration. For instance, tea, coffee, dark-colored fruits, cola, chocolate, etc., can stain them over time. You should avoid consuming such products at least 48 hours after any whitening method.

§  Hot and cold: Your teeth are more sensitive than usual after at-office bleaching approach. Therefore, you have to seriously avoid consuming too hot or too cold foods if you don't want to experience severe sensitivity. Your teeth are significantly delicate after the process, so you should take very good care of them.

§  Smoking: Many patients with discolored smile are used to smoke for many years. You really should give up smoking after professional whitening as it can ruin all outcomes of the procedure. Generally, it's better to quit smoking for the rest of your life if you want to preserve your smile.

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