What Are the Best Toothpastes for Teeth Whitening?

We are all looking for the most beautiful smile and whitest teeth. Although there are various methods to whiten your teeth, getting help from a periodontist is better. Moreover, cosmetic dentists can help find the best teeth whitening methods. They can even share enough information about choosing the right toothpaste to whiten teeth. There are various kinds of toothpaste to whiten your teeth, so you need professional information before choosing and buying the toothpaste. Some of these products cause problems with your teeth, while others can treat dark and yellow teeth. Toothpaste is one of the most important things to care for your teeth. What is your current toothpaste? Are you using a charcoal one? This particular toothpaste can be helpful just a little bit, nothing more. For more information, you can continue reading our post below.

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Is Charcoal Toothpaste Useful for Teeth Whitening?

As a dentist offering advanced teeth whitening in Toronto says, charcoal toothpaste doesn’t do anything more than make your teeth a little bit whiter. The charcoal toothpaste should whiten your teeth in the best way, but it doesn’t, other than it is highly abrasive.

Unfortunately, most of the charcoal toothpastes are too abrasive. It means these toothpaste can cause tooth wear or notching of your teeth. There is nothing positive about charcoal toothpaste unless it includes other ingredients.

Although many people think charcoal toothpastes can be a good teeth whitening method, these toothpastes lead to some dental damage. Note that some of these toothpaste have other materials, something more than charcoal, so they can be practical. 

We mean the whitening ability of these toothpastes depends on their materials and ingredients. The additional materials can do more than a whitening process. 

Based on the gathered information, many types of toothpaste have stannous fluoride. Moreover, some popular toothpaste brands have changed their main formula and ingredients. 

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Are Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Harmful?

As mentioned in the previous part, the best whitening method is getting help from cosmetic dentists. You must choose these dentists and let them whiten your teeth based on their profession and knowledge.

Some toothpastes are abrasive, and others will negatively press your teeth. Everything depends on their ingredients. Generally, most of them are harmful and can lead to dental damage over a long time.  

You also may face major dental problems because these whitening toothpastes kill all the existing or many available bacteria beneficial to your mouth.

 The manufacturers mostly choose stannous fluoride instead of other harmful ingredients, but this material can be too dangerous and detrimental to your teeth. Be careful about your cosmetic dentist's warning about these toothpastes. 

Note that you have to keep these toothpaste out of children's reach who are under 12 years old because if they sallow too much of this toothpaste while they are brushing their teeth, it can be harmful to their general body health.

We recommend using other whitening methods like laser or cosmetic dentistry services. Never think about using this toothpaste for a long time.  

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