Three Best Blogs to Learn Forex

Learning foreign exchange might be overwhelming for starters. It can be likened to your algebra problems which gets more complicated as you advance with the lessons. You need to exert effort in learning and mastering the course.

If you don’t know where to begin studying foreign exchange, buckle up because we got you. We will give you three of the best foreign exchange blogs that will help you boost your knowledge on the subject. These are guaranteed to have digestible and practical content.


This website is the favorite go-to place of newbies in the financial world. The articles and blog posts in Investopedia are written by experienced and seasoned business experts. Here, complicated topics are broken down into information which can be easily understood by a layperson. This can be very helpful if you have little to no background on trading.

With more than 60 million page views each month, this website can provide you with useful information on what certain forex terminologies mean to strategic ways of investing.  They also provide beginner to advanced trading courses in affordable course bundles.

If you are a Forex broker in Vietnam and you want to study foreign exchange in your language, this is the perfect website for you! provides useful trading tips in 24 languages. Founded in 2007, this website offers technical data and analysis, streaming tools and charts, financial tools and news focusing on the global market.

With 33 editions that covers a variety of financial vehicles, this is one of the best partners in foreign trading. In 2013, it finally launched its Android app, which is then followed by the launch of its iOs, providing free real-time access to free premium financial content. This is very much recommended for non-professional traders.

Finance Magnates

This website uniquely offers multi-asset trading news which covers news, research, and events. Most of their content focuses on electronic trading, banking, investing and the technology that drives them. It also offers a comprehensive global financial industry online directory and a Business Intelligence (BI) reports and analysis.

They pride themselves on having content that is researched and written by credible journalists and analysts. If their client, for example, is a Forex broker in Vietnam, they will customize their reports to fit the customer’s needs.

From its name, specializes in helping ‘baby’ traders protect their money from losing to poor trading decisions. Built in 2005, this website offers a wide variety of educational content about the ins and outs of the forex market, especially made for beginners. They also have ‘School of Pipsology,’ a free online course that lets you understand foreign exchange from ‘preschool’ to ‘high school’ level. also offers forex news, tools, quizzes, and an economic calendar that is very easy to understand. If you want to learn forex like a kid, this is the best place for you to begin. It will surely help you kickstart your journey in foreign trading without much difficulty.
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