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In cases where you can quickly and easily demonstrate key product benefits and SIMPLICITY - here the shortness of the video can only enhance the download twitter videos and straight-forwardness of a product.Consider what a great way this is to introduce yourself and business colleagues to your audience and customers while at the same time giving them a rare glimpse 'behind the curtains' of your business so to speak.When this is done well it can really re-enforce the sense of a real connection with your business and massively enhance loyalty to your brand


If you are running or attending an exhibition, putting on a webinar or Google Hangout or about to announce a new product launch, creative Vine video can really drive anticipation and customer commitment to attend the event.Think of those brief 'trailer' videos that are aired a few weeks before a new movie comes out - and how they can often create a real sense of anticipation and a desire in you to attend a film that you know may actually know little about, just because they are so brief and so effective at 'whetting your appetite'


Six second sound-bites of satisfied customers OR 'before' and 'after' clips of how your product or service has transformed the customers experience - can you think of how powerful that might be in YOUR business?Here is some advice from Twitters' own help center as to how to set up a new Vine account.

And just to help get you started with some new ideas. Check out the link to the Vine blog below for really superb examples of great and engaging videos that you can model and learn from for your own business. It doesn't matter which twitter video download online you're using to promote your business? -if you're not measuring your results, you're wasting your time!You need to be tracking things like which posts perform better than others, and which types of content your users like best.


According to Twitter, 336 million people use the platform every month. But early on, I was struggling to see the value of Tweeting. It was hard for me to justify the amount of time and effort I was spending on it, before I understood how to properly market there and calculate Twitter ROI (return on investment).

Yes, I saw many celebrities and big brands joining the platform and it became an active community to Tweet about politics-Barack Obama even announced he'd won the 2012 presidential election on the platform.I see things differently now, and put a lot of effort into marketing on this platform (as you'll see by going to our account. I Tweet a lot)! But that's because I know how to calculate Twitter ROI, so I know what's working and what isn't. Too many entrepreneurs don't effectively measure their efforts on social media. They also fail to realize how valuable their time is. They'll choose to DIY something to save money instead of hiring an expert to do it for them.

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