Small business is mostly a privately owned corporation. A small business corporation has a very a smaller number of employees and very less annual revenue than any other regular side business

or Corporation has by defining the business. In terms of small, it means that the ability to apply for Government support and qualify for preferential tax policies these privileges completely depend upon the country and the industry. In many countries, small businesses include service or retail operations such as bakeries, grocery stores, hairdressers, restaurants, guest houses, small hotels, photographers, very small scale manufacturing industries, internet-related business, freelancing, web designing, contras workers, computer programming.

Small business and their tax calculation

Some small professionals also operate their small businesses such as lawyers, dentists, medical doctors, although these professionals are capable of working in large organizations or companies, they run their small businesses there is a large variation in small businesses in terms of their revenues, their size, and the regularity authorization from country to country.

Some small businesses can be operated from home as well. There are various types of business calculators available online one such is taxfyle's small business tax calculator.

Portable Taxfyle small business tax Calculator: An easy tool to calculate tax online

Taxfyle's small business tax calculator is very easy to use tool to calculate tax for small businesses. In this online tax calculator, you will just have to enter the entity i.e. under which type of organization does your business comes.

Now a business entity can be of different types like it can sole proprietorship or a partnership or a partnership where the partners hold limited liability only, or a corporation with directors having limited liability. This one is of two types – S Corp & C Corp.

Then the second step is to calculate the total revenue earned from the business,

After that, the third step is to calculate the total expenses, meals and entertainment expenses are also calculated

And then Finally the estimated tax is calculated. The important parameters for calculating a small business tax are entity ape revenue, total expense, and meal and entertainment expense.


This small business tax calculator is a very user-friendly tool for calculating the tax for small businesses. It has many ready to use features and has a very friendly user interface. This online calculator is also compatible with both mobile and desktops. This tax calculator uses the figures provided in the input to estimate the tax expenses it takes the revenue and subtract it from your expenses and then by applying correct tax rates and comes up with an estimate of w h a t   amount should be paid. This tax calculator is good for any business that Tits into the legal structure indicator as an entity parameter above.

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