BMW Android Auto: Perfect Solution to Ride Convenience and Luxury


The well-established and reputed brand, BMW, brought technology to the finest level to give you what you need. 2020 saw the phenomenal upgrade of BMW cars to compatible cars. The integration of Android Auto and BMW cars brought the market to new heights of convenience as firms outdid themselves and announced the support for android auto with wireless connections affordably. 

Music, navigation, chat and call one-stop solution to all your requirements installed in your luxurious BMW operating system. 

A plethora of Benefits offered: A phenomenal integration of Android Auto and BMW

Hands-on steering wheel and eyes on the road while listening to your favorite music or picking up a meeting call are all you need to make your driving 10X comfortable. Talk to google and get things done, quickly and conveniently. This is not it; the benefits of bmw 3 android auto are worthwhile your investment and time. Some of them being – 

  • Convenience – Google maps, Spotify, calendar for important meeting schedules, and many more just by a single click in your car. 
  • The finest technology used to minimize distractions is what makes it best. An interactive but simple user interface and user-friendly voice actions will help you drive safely and focus on the road. 
  • Getting Struck in traffic is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. With android auto, google maps navigate your way quite conveniently and give detailed information about live-traffic alongside. In addition to this, easy voice-guided navigation assures safe driving by keeping your eyes on the road and not on the screen. 
  • The exceptional wireless design prevents the unnecessary hassle of handling the cables and tons of wires to listen to your fav music. 

Ultimate step-by-step guide on how to connect

The integration makes headlines just because of how secure and convenient it has made the whole driving process. 

All you need to do is buy any display series with Android Auto Module installed. Bayern Mods provides one with functional and best quality multimedia displays to enjoy the feature of convenience and accessibility at the same time. 

Buy, Drive and enjoy the company of intelligent android on your trip!

Still wondering how to connect android to bmw and take advantage of wide features? It's quite easy and quick. Activate your smartphone's Bluetooth and Wi-fi and follow the steps- 

  • Step1 – Connect the smartphone to the vehicle by clicking on ÁPPS < Android Auto
  • Step2 – A drop-down list would appear, choose your device and confirm the terms
  • Step3 – Confirm your smartphone by validating the consequent number
  • Step4 – Central screen would then display android auto on the top section, touch, and get started. 

You are all set to use, google assistant, maps, music, and messaging by just pressing the corresponding symbol mentioning the desired command.

Ride Luxury with lavish benefits. 

The Bottom Line- 

The presence of android auto on your device would make your drive quite convenient and secure. No matter if you want to text mom that you will be late, alter the shopping list, get the information about your meeting schedule, or want to play EDM playlist, all you need to do is say 'Hey google' following your command. 

Configure convenience by clicks with Android Auto. 

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