6 Good Reasons to Choose E-Cigarettes

The market for e-cigs is rising as many people are making the switch. Manufacturers allege that it is an excellent alternative to a traditional cigarette without many of the health issues. However, not many people are convinced that an e-cig is a worthy choice.

Indeed, the manufacturer of e-cig was intended to create an alternative to a traditional cigarette. While the working principles are not similar, it produces identical after effects. As a result, smoking involves combusting tobacco and other chemicals, while vaping involves vaporizing the Vape juice.

For people who are yet to join the train, this article will shed light on excellent reasons for choosing e-cigs.

1.     No Distinctive Odor With e-Cig


Everyone knows about the annoying odor that follows smokers around. This is not surprising as the particles from cigarette smoke flies and attaches themselves to things like clothes, vehicles, books, hair, and any surface around. As a result of this, someone can perceive the odor of cigarettes about a mile away.

A chronic smoker might not notice this all the time as their brain and sense of smell are already used to the scent. However, non-smokers and ex-smokers find such odor annoying. The reason for the horrible smell can be traced to the combustion of tar, tobacco, and various chemicals, based on research. This residue easily clings to things around, which explains why smokers smell, even after smoking.

Vaping, however, does not have this offensive odor. The absence of odor is due to the lack of combustion in vaping. Instead, the vaporization of e-cig gives a pleasant smell, which reflects the flavor you chose. Besides, one can also vape a juice without any noticeable odor at all.

2.     Varieties and Versatility


The traditional cigarette does not give vapers much choice in terms of flavors and nicotine strength. This lack of choice is one of the flaws e-cig corrected. As a result, you have varieties in terms of flavors and nicotine strength.

You get to choose various aspire tank collections, pre-loaded cartridges of any flavor like cherry, citrus, watermelon, chocolate, etc. There is also the opportunity to form your vape juice with the ideal flavor that gets you going.

The choice that e-cig gives users when it comes to nicotine strength allows people to decide if they want nicotine or not. This is a perfect advantage for smokers that want to beat their nicotine addiction as it gives them the power to throttle down their nicotine intake. Nicotine level varies from 18 mg, 16mg, 12 mg, 6 mg and 0mg. Also, people can vape with the flavor alone and no nicotine at all.

3.     More Socially Acceptable


Over the years, many people and society have developed a negative disposition towards smoking for many reasons. It is not surprising when you consider the obnoxious smell, the health effect, and the fire risk all made many people frown at a traditional cigarette. This explains why the restrictions on smoking keep rising and the heavy tax on tobacco products.

Since vaping does not produce an offensive odor, you can easily vape discreetly without coming off as rude or offensive. There are even vaping competitions where vapers come together to perform different tricks. Make sure, however, to observe the no vaping rules that apply to other places.

4.     Fewer Fire Risks


Over the years, there are many fires linked to the careless disposal of cigarette butts. This makes cigarettes a fire hazard that can lead to the destruction of life and properties. With e-cig, on the other hand, you do not need a lighter or matchstick to take a puff. This is because there is no combustion while vaping but vaporization. As a result, one need not worry about accidentally leaving a cigarette but in a place where it can start a fire. Besides, if you fall asleep while vaping, the absence of smoke eliminates the risk of fire.

5.     Instant Satisfaction


Excessive nicotine craving makes people reach out for a stick of cigarette now and then. Sadly, the traditional cigarette does not offer instant satisfaction, making a smoker reach out for more sticks. This is not the case with an e-cigarette, as vaping brings instant joy. Besides, you enjoy the ability to vape discreetly since there is no obnoxious tobacco smell. One can vape on the go and release the vapor inside your shirt or bag to avoid unnecessary attention.

Besides, vaping devices are available in various designs like a pen. With this, you can easily carry it with you on the go without attracting unnecessary attention.

6.     Less Impact on the Lungs


The hot smoke that smokers constantly suck in eventually results in issues with the lungs. As a result, almost all smokers have lung issues later in life. This can also be traced to the tar and other chemicals that negatively affect the lungs. With vaping, however, there is no heat and other dangerous chemicals. The vapor is excellent and is not very hard on the lungs, like a traditional cigarette.

Sadly, more body parts suffer from excessive smoking, especially the airways, which explains why smokers cough a lot. Smoking causes excess production of mucus as the airway amplifies production to counter the effect of the smoke. However, the lungs cannot clean out and get rid of excess mucus, and they stay in the throat, jamming one another and responsible for the cough. In addition to making the lungs wear out faster, smoking affects the body's ability to tackle disease and infection.



Electronic cigarettes have provided a better alternative to many nicotine delivery systems. With e-cigs, you can satisfy your nicotine craving without dealing with the horrible after-effects of smoking.

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